James Middleton hits the ski slopes with beloved dog Mabel

Picture paw-fect! James Middleton and his wife Alizee hit the ski slopes with their beloved golden retriever Mabel

  • James shared adorable footage of his dog running around snowy mountains 
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James Middleton has delighted his Instagram followers by sharing clips of his beloved dog Mabel hitting the ski slopes on a recent holiday with his wife.

The Princess of Wales’ younger brother, 35, and his wife Alizee, 33, who live in Berkshire with their six dogs, decided to take their golden retriever on their yearly ski trip.

Over the weekend, the animal lover – who founded the dog wellbeing company Ella & Co – shared some of the highlights from their trip in an Instagram Reel.

Although James didn’t reveal where they went this year, the couple have previously gone skiing in Switzerland. 

Captioning the post ‘Mabel in the Mountains’, adorable footage shows James lovingly holding his retriever in his arms as he skis down a steep slope. 

James Middleton delighted followers by sharing a highlights video on his Instagram of his recent ski trip with wife Alizee and their golden retriever Mabel 

Another clip sees Mabel pacing behind her master as Alizee films them both from behind. 

Meanwhile, the doting dog owners – who married in September 2021 – filmed Mabel obediently sitting in between their skis as they took a short break. 

The video – which has amassed over 10,700 ‘likes’ – also shows Mabel excitedly running alongside Alizee as she skis down a mountain.

What’s more, another sweet moment shows Mabel wagging her tail as Alizee lovingly speaks to her as they paused on top of a mountain.

The Reel ends with a slow-motion clip of Mabel bounding towards the camera as snow flies everywhere.

James explained in the caption: ‘This year we took Mabel on our skiing trip. Instead of getting ski passes and leaving her at home, she came with us & we walked up the mountains with her, and had lots of fun coming down…’

Unsurprisingly, the footage was a hit with James’ 246,000 followers – with many commenting on how much fun Mabel seemed to have on the slopes.

One replied:  ‘Mabel is living her best life! She looks so happy.’

The video – which has amassed over 10,700 ‘likes – shows Mabel lovingly following her owners around the slopes

Mabel – who gave birth to eight puppies last September – pictured sitting obediently between her owners’ skis 

Another heartwarming clip shows Mabel running after her master on the mountain.  Although James didn’t reveal where they went this year, the couple have previously gone skiing in Switzerland

Another added: ‘Oh what fun! Mabel you are one lucky girl!’ 

‘She looks like she is having the BEST time,’ a third gushed. ‘So much joy in her bounding canter. Thank you for sharing!!!’ 

James also offered his four tips to other holidaymakers wanting to take their dogs with them on a ski trip. 

He explained: ‘Always do your research into the rules surrounding dogs on your chosen ski resort. 

‘European ski resorts are surprisingly dog friendly, but there are always exceptions to the rule.’

The dog expert also highlighted how running down mountains can be ‘demanding’ for their joints.

‘Start slow, ensure the snow isn’t too deep, and be prepared to carry your dog to give them a break,’ he said. ‘I always carry some treats and water.’

James Middleton pictured with his four of his six dogs Luna, Inka Ella and Mabel in 2020. Mabel (far right) gave birth to eight puppies last September

The video was a hit with James’ followers – with many gushing over how much Mabel enjoyed her holiday in the slopes

Thirdly, James recommended having a First Aid Kit which includes a tub of Vaseline.

He added: ‘When rubbed on paws, Vaseline creates a barrier to stop snow sticking to and burning your dog’s paw pads! (you can also get snow boots too).’

Finally, he urged other holidaymakers travelling with dogs to be mindful of other people. 

He said: ‘Avoid crowded areas, and make sure your dog is under control, on a lead where necessary, and always make sure your focus is on your dog’s safety and wellbeing!’

In September last year, James and Alizee told the Mail on Sunday that Mabel had given birth to eight golden retriever puppies.

‘They are up at five in the morning and it’s quite hectic,’ James said at the time. 

It seems a love of dogs certainly runs in the family – as James has previously given sister Kate two spaniel puppies, Lupo and Orla, who starred in Princess Charlotte’s seventh birthday snaps.

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