Jake Paul And Tommy Fury To Settle Their Beef With $2 Million Clash

Jake Paul has confirmed that he will finally settle his longstanding beef with Tommy Fury — who he was originally set to fight last year — at Madison Square Garden on August 6 for a $2 million purse. The surprise announcement comes after months of trash talk and only hours after Jake accused his rival of threatening to pull out of the fight again.

Paul is now 5-0 in his boxing career, and fans have been waiting for him to take Fury to task after he withdrew from their highly anticipated bout late last year. At the time, Fury claimed to be suffering from “a severe chest infection and a broken rib” and was “absolutely heartbroken” that he had to pull out of “the biggest fight of his life.”

On June 22, Paul called out his rival for attempting to bail on their rematch, despite Paul claiming to have provided everything his opponent had asked for.

“Tommy Fury, you pulled out last year. Then you agree to fight me now but your dad is trying to pull you out again?” the YouTuber-turned-boxer wrote on Twitter. We’ve given you everything you asked for $2M purse, VADA testing, Tampon’s.”

“You have 24 hours 2 clear this up or I will never give u this opportunity again,” he added.

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A few hours later, he did just that. Paul took to Twitter to announce that the two would compete for a $2 million purse in New York City on August 6.

“Okay people he grew a set over night,” Paul tweeted. “It’s official, Im taking this little Fury’s head off. Amanda Serrano and I dual main-event at the Mecca of boxing. Official press conference and ticket on-sale this Wednesday June 29th at 11AM.”

The Problem Child made a fortune by parlaying his career from YouTube content creator to professional boxer. Last year alone, he claimed to have made $100 million, of which $40 million came from boxing.

“That is just what I made from boxing,” Paul said of his $40 million boxing fortune. “I made some more on top of that from brand deals and advertisements.”

He added: “That is not including my crypto investments, NFT investments, Metaverse investments. If I were to cash out, yeah I have probably made an extra $60 million on top of that just from my investments last year if I were to liquidate it.”

Source: The Sun, Marca

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