‘I’ve made £62k from sexy calls with my admirers – money really turns me on’

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    A cam girl has made thousands from video calls with randy admirers.

    Nova Jewels, 26, got into the sex industry after she lost her job as a wedding coordinator three years ago.

    And she seems to be absolutely loving it.

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    The feisty model has raked in £62,000 since she started camming – and admits that nothing turns her on like money does.

    "The only thing that makes me horny now is money," she candidly admitted.

    "If I'm not getting paid, I'm not interested.

    "I made a statement when I started my career and made it clear that there was no way I was doing it by half.

    "I was jumping in with both feet and trying my damn hardest to get noticed.

    "I knew I was going to be successful but I never expected to achieve so much in such a short space of time."

    So how does Nova rake in so much cash?

    A lot of Nova's money comes from niche requests.

    In recent months, fans have paid her £100 to go for a wee for £100 and film her trip to the dentist.

    But her favourite job yet as involved ignoring the bloke who's giving her cash.

    "One of many weird requests would be when my caller wanted me to blatantly ignore him," Nova exclusively told us.

    "I put his cam on and while he played with himself he wanted me to just go about my business not even looking at him or acknowledging that he was there.

    "So I started in the kitchen and made myself a coffee and something to eat.

    "20 minutes later – in private mode – he had spent £60.

    "I then took the cam through to the bedroom and I started getting ready for the day, putting my clothes, on hair and makeup etc.

    "I just had to wait for the cam to make the famous 'cha-ching' noise when the call was over.

    "After 40 minutes of a private call he hung up and the call ended on £120 with a £50 tip on top of that.

    "Ignoring men is what I'm best at so it was the easiest call I've done by a mile.

    "Strange that someone would spend that money just to get ignored though."

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    Nova is eager to show all sides to the cam world – and recently starred in the Channel 4 documentary Confessions of a Cam Girl.

    She shared that breaking into the crowded industry is not easy.

    "It shows both the highs and lows of what it's like trying to stand out from the crowd to get noticed in a crowded industry," she explained.

    "Will the stigmas every get fully broken? I doubt it.

    "What I do hope is that is that firstly, it makes others more open minded about the sex industry and gives them an understanding of what being a 'cam girl' entails.

    "I also hope that the documentary gives other cam girls and creators the motivation and confidence to believe in themselves and see that success can be achieved if you put your mind to it and work for it.

    "You get one life and its so important to put your all into it and grab every opportunity with both hands no matter what other people think."

    You can find Nova on Instagram here.

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