‘I’ve got world’s biggest lips – finding love is hard as men are intimidated’

The woman with the "world's biggest lips" has been left crushed after her dreams of finding love hasn't gone well.

Andrea Ivanova is known for her enhanced appearance which has seen her spend £1,600 on cheekbone filler alone.

The 25-year-old also hopes to achieve the world's biggest cheeks with her well-defined facial structure.

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Previously she revealed her love life has been a struggle as it's hard finding the one due to her looks.

Now she explained how she signed up to appear on dating TV show, The Bachelor.

She shared: "I really wanted to participate in the show, because I could gain more popularity and possibly meet love."

Andrea added: "I'm also a huge fan as it's always filmed in very beautiful and luxurious places around the world.

"I wanted to test my endurance of character and whether I would be conflicted about the other girls.

"But this season was quite shocking as the new bachelor said he didn't like girls with a lot of aesthetic interventions."

The influencer, from Bulgaria, is eager to "fall madly and truly in love" but hasn't found someone who accepts her.

And if she's with a fella who's uncomfortable to be seen in public with her, Andrea won't pursue him much longer.

She admitted: "I will feel bad or offended.

"So I will then have to look for a new partner who won't be hindered by my appearance.

"I would like to fall madly and truly in love and meet the right partner for me, because love is the most beautiful thing."

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The former philosophy student claimed several clinics "refuse" to give her more filler as the procedures could be fatal.

Aside from their views, Andrea loves her looks and is continuing to undergo the needle until she reaches her end goal.

She said: "My doctor warned me it's dangerous to inject more into my lips as he's worried blood vessels will be blocked.

"He advises me to always moisturise my lips constantly, but despite his concerns, I'm not worried.

"I think everything will be fine and that nothing bad will happen.

"I want to have the biggest and plumpest cheekbones in the world after a while and I will achieve my dream look."

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