‘I’ve got 118 reasons why I’m not having kids – and don’t care what trolls say’

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    Not everyone wants to start a family and one model even has multiple reasons why.

    Australian beauty Ellie Gonsalves is certain she doesn't want to have kids – and has 118 reasons for it. The influencer shared her "very honest personal list" for remaining child-free.

    She claimed after years of being asked, she decided to make the hefty list to set records straight. And it's quite detailed…

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    Ellie said: "After years of being asked why I don't want children I compiled this as it always seemed a short reason was never good enough or understood."

    She added: "So, this is in more detail for those asking. It's my own PERSONAL thoughts based on a lot of my own experiences or things very honest people have shared with me personally or online.

    "Some people are made to be parents and that is amazing (I am so happy if you are happy) but that life is just not [for] me."

    At the top of her list, Ellie said children are "your responsibility until the day they die". She continued: "Postpartum hair loss, you're tired all the time, children can inherit emotional trauma and the world's already overpopulated."

    Ellie, who's been with her now-husband Ross Scutts for 15 years, is constantly bombarded with questions about when she's going to have kids.

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    And her many reasons has caused quite a divide online as one wrote: "Having children makes you selfless… I believe that having a child has made me a better person. PS half of your reasons are ridiculous!"

    Another added: "Why are people so bothered. It's not their business, it has zero effect on their lives and yet they are so upset by it. Totally your choice!"

    After posting the list, the model defended her choice to Mamamia. She said: "[They] further illustrate my main point: people are told and sold a certain life, and when they witness others choosing a different path, the frustration lies within themselves.

    "They may not realise there is an alternative path or may not be mature enough to accept that others can live a life different from theirs without the need to harbour resentment."

    But despite the backlash, she also received hundreds of messages from women who said they felt "seen".

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