‘It’s more freeing!’ Brunettes share ‘amazing’ blonde hair transformations

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Aria, 46, and Stacey, 20, decided to dye their hair blonde for different reasons but both women have ended up with the same result: they love their new hair. How does being blonde make them feel?

Aria is based in Bicester and got her hair transformed from dark brown, almost black, at a salon called Idlewild in the town.

The change cost the 46-year-old £180 in total, but over several appointments.

“They were great and wanted to make sure my hair wasn’t damaged,” Aria explained.

“We used the Olaplex system and foiled the hair rather than using a bleach bath.”

Aria decided to dye her hair a month ago because she had had “enough of whites coming out every two weeks”.

Since Aria’s natural hair was so dark, the white hairs could be clearly seen.

She said: “I like Cruella de Ville and box dyeing every two weeks is hard work.”

Having never dyed her hair a different colour before, Aria said being a blonde “still feels surreal”.

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She continued: “But I’m getting used to it. It feels like a new me.

“I had mixed feelings after being dark for 46 years, but I always wanted to go blonde never had the guts.

“I have one more session left to get the colour I am after, and I am getting to love it. It feels very freeing.”

Aria said the feedback by family and friends on her new hair do have been “amazing”. She added: “I think blondes feel more free [sic] than brunettes.

“My blonde friends have all said they believe they have more fun and I may just agree.”

Stacey from Bewdley, Worcestershire, also has naturally dark hair and, although she had dyed it various colours in the past, she had never dyed it a “soft, natural-looking blonde”.

The 20-year-old has spent £180 on the transformation so far at Brooke Evans Salon in Ironbridge, with each session costing £90.

Stacey is half-way through the process and is going back to the salon in a few weeks.

She explained: “It’s gone from almost black – it was so dark – to a nice honey blonde. It’s still got bits of brown in it because we’re only doing highlights, but it’s getting there.”

Stacey decided to go blonde because “I wanted something different and have a different look”.

“I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone a little bit.”

Stacey said she much prefers the colour her hair is now because it’s given it “loads of structure” and she feels more confident.

The 20-year-old said: “It’s made me feel more feminine.

“People compliment me and say it suits me more.”

She added: “I’ve found I’ve had more fun being blonde, but I think that’s because I’m so much more confident in myself.

“Like, when I’m out with my friends I just feel so much more confident, and when you’re confident with how you look, or feel like you’re confident in yourself, then you go up to speak to people or pose for more photos.

“And you think, yeah, I like that picture.”

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