‘Isolated’: Diana’s body language at William’s christening showed break from ‘traditions’

Charles and Diana leave hospital after birth of William

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Prince William, 40, was born on June 21, 1982, and was christened just over a month later on August 4. Today is the 40th anniversary of the Duke of Cambridge’s christening in Buckingham Palace.

Princess Diana held her newborn son in the Music Room in Buckingham Palace as he was baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie.

The event coincided with the Queen Mother’s 82nd birthday which was occurring on the same day.

What was the Royal Family’s body language like?

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to analyse the pictures of William’s christening from 1982.

She claimed: “There are some body language poses at William’s christening that suggest the royals are at a funeral rather than a joyful event.

“In the middle of all the mixed reactions, Diana sits, slightly isolated and focusing totally on her new baby.

“She almost appears oblivious of the camera and the rest of the Firm as she dotes on her small son.”

What body language gestures does the Princess make during the christening?

Judi explained: “Diana’s eyes are totally fixed on William here and, as a former nursery assistant, she employs the trick of using her little finger as a dummy to keep the baby from crying.

“Her right leg is lifted onto the chair to support her baby as effectively as possible.

“She, understandably, looks determined to put the care of that child above any royal traditions.”

What was Prince Charles’ body language like?

Judi added: “Charles’ rigid smile and the way he is posing behind her would make it hard to pick him out as the father.

“He looks disassociated and awkward here.

“It’s only Prince Philip breaking ranks to smile down at the new heir to the throne with the look of a doting grandpa.”

What was the Queen’s body language like?

Judi opined: “The Queen is rigid and distant beside Diana.

“Although there is slightly more natural warmth and bonding from the Queen Mother on her other side.”

What do these photos “illustrate” about Diana?

Judi claimed: “These photos probably illustrate the first blooming of Diana as a besotted mother who is prepared to break some of the stuffier rules of monarchy, as well as Charles’ disconnect from any role as an equally doting husband and hands-on, tactile modern father.”

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