Is THIS the best Bigfoot sighting ever?

Is THIS the best Bigfoot sighting ever? Photos ‘of mythical creature’ send fans wild

  • Josh Highcliffe, a hunter, captured the footage ‘of Bigfoot’ in 2015 in Mississippi
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It is one of life’s great unsolved mysteries, along with the Bermuda Triangle and the curse of Tutankhamun – does Bigfoot really exist?

Humankind has become obsessed with the idea of a giant hairy monster roaming the forests in North America – but although there have been many suspected sightings, no one has ever seen the real thing.

Despite no concrete evidence that Bigfoot exists, people have been captivated for years with the idea that this monster might be real, and the suspected sightings are always sure to send believers into a frenzy.

One man from the US is one such believer, who even reckons he has captured some of the most clear-cut footage of the ape-like monster in the Mississippi woodland.

After Josh Highcliffe posted his video on YouTube eight years ago, other Bigfoot-hunters agreed it was the best footage of the legendary creature they had ever seen – and after all this time, fans still think his title remains uncontested.

Eight years after it was first posted online, a video of what the camera holder suggests could be Bigfoot is still considered one of the best ever suspected sightings

The footage, filmed nine miles west of Tunica, according to Josh, shows a huge, broad-backed creature that resembles something like a gorilla in the background, pulling bark off the trunk of a tree.

The clip goes dark at another point, where Josh explains he was so frightened he accidentally stopped the recording for a moment.

When it resumes, the dark, hairy creature is back in the centre of the shot, pulling the bark off the tree and throwing it on the ground.

The video becomes slightly shaky and goes in and out of focus as Josh’s breathing becomes heavier, and it is clear he’s frightened of the creature in front of him.

The footage shows what appears to be a large hairy creature tearing bark from a tree 

Josh later explained he took the footage while out hunting for hogs, on land designated for hunting in the southern state.

LadBible reports he wrote: ‘My first instinct was to run, I did not even think of shooting… then I know no one will believe me.

‘It was like everything slowed down… I was scared! I took out my iPhone and started videotaping it… I guess I pushed the record button twice cause it stopped blinking red but I pushed it again.

‘I hear a truck driving down the road and the thing stood up! I was trying to be dead quiet… when it stood up I could not control myself and ran.’

He further explained that the creature he captured on camera was around 7ft tall, according to his estimate.

Nearly a decade on from the video first being posted, Bigfoot believers still think Josh’s footage is the best they have ever seen of a creature that may be the mythical beast.

One person recently left a comment underneath the video which read: ‘Honestly, this is probably the best footage ever recorded. Amazing that it’s not talked about more.’

Another said the footage appeared to capture a very ‘natural’ moment, saying: ‘When you hear the crack of the wood when it rips it out it sounds like it’s got some real strength.’

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