‘I’m millionaire model famed for my 55-inch bum – but there’s a downside to job’

A millionaire plus-size model, who is famed for her 55-inch bum, says there are 'consequences' to making adult content online.

Steph Oshiri, who posts online as @stephoshirii, regularly posts on the app about her huge backside – which has quite literally became her money-maker.

The 28-year-old, from Ontario, Canada, quit her job as a makeup artist in 2020.

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She started selling saucy snaps online – at first hiding her face on camera, while still making up to £1,800 every month.

Steph now makes fortunes flaunting her curvy figure – announcing just a few months ago that she had racked up more than a million on an adult subscription site.

But while the curvaceous beauty is happy with her X-rated life online, she acknowledges that there's drawbacks to OnlyFans fame.

In a recent clip, which has gained more than 1,800 likes, Steph responded to a comment from a fan who asked her what the consequences are.

"I think you're asking me what the consequences are, so I'll try to give you a quick rundown, at least what my own consequences of pursuing this line of work have been for me thus far," she said.

"The biggest consequence has absolutely been the way that this line of work has altered the way that I view people, the way that I view myself and the way that I engage with strangers.

"It completely shattered my illusion that the vast majority of people are inherently good. It's opened my eyes to just how cruel people can be.

"Now, granted this is in an online space, and I think most of the comments that are cruel come from people that are just chronically online.

"However, that has seeped into my real life and the way that I interact with the real world around me, which f***ing sucks.

"I've also grown to, in some regards, hate social media, which is a double-edged sword because it is what sustains me. But yeah, it's definitely had a mental impact for sure."

TikTok users took to the comments to encourage her to continue going against the haters and flaunting her curves online.

One user wrote: "Aw sucks keep up the work with positive vibes."

Another commented: "Thanks for your honesty. Sorry, the world sucks, but keep your head up."

A third added: "I think you're absolutely beautiful."

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