‘I’m a human pin cushion – people gawp at my face piercings but I love them’

A body modification fanatic who describes herself as a 'human pin cushion' admits she's constantly stared at in the street by strangers.

Kyla Munoz, 20, has 15 piercings in her face.

And although people gawp at them, she loves them all.

Aside from her piercings, Kyla, who lives in California, US, also has a split tongue, numerous tattoos and stretched ear lobes, having spent at least $5,000 (£4,000) transforming her face and body.

But while the Amazon worker says she's "found happiness with her modifications", it has come at a price with people leering at her and commenting about her appearance.

"I get a lot of different reactions from people," the TikToker, who has over 10,000 followers on the site, revealed.

"Some people walk away and a lot of people stare, others are frightened by my pin cushion face or just don't understand why I have done my modifications.

"Older people actually tend to be nicer and just ask lots of questions; I've even had a mum ask me about nostril piercings so she could get one for her own daughter."

Talking about her modifications, she added: "So far, I have 15 piercings including my stretch lobes, a split tongue and tattoos.

"I have done this because I want to make a statement and be bold, I've found happiness with my modifications.

"I've definitely spent at least $5,000 over the years, including the jewellery and aftercare supplies."

Kyla's most recent procedure is her tongue split, which she said was a very painful process and she's still mentally processing it.

She continued: "I've been wanting this modification done for many years and truthfully I'm still processing that I got it done so young, I'm quite proud of myself!

"My tongue was numbed while they did it but it was still a very painful process and the week of healing was hell.

"I grew up around tattoos and small 'normal' piercings in my family so it sparked my interest as a child but I like mine big and bold.

"People tell me I shouldn't make them this big and that it's unflattering but I don't let their comments get to me.

"Why should I care; it's my face, it makes me truly happy."

At the moment, Kyla hasn't got any immediate plans for other modifications but plans to add more "pins" to her "cushion face" in the next few years, as well as stretch her existing ones further.

She added: "All I will say is, if you want something, do it.

"Don't let others' opinions drive your choices.

"But make sure to do your research and go to a professional, because you never know how your body will react."

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