‘I’m a glam mum who feels fit and on fire – life doesn’t stop at 50’

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    A glamorous mum who thought her fun life would be over from 50 onwards has transformed her life to find the age is just the beginning.

    Annamaria Kalebic, who posts online as @annamariakalebic, spent her forties feeling like "utter crap" and expected her life to be over when she turned 50.

    But she claims she just found a new one after transforming her appearance with weight training and adjusting her diet during lockdown.

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    The mum-of-three now claims she feels "fit and on fire" and regularly flaunts her toned figure on social media with her 66,000 followers.

    The 52-year-old has since posted snaps of her exotic trips abroad, nutritious meals, beauty tips and her family life with her daughters and husband.

    Annamaria gushed about feeling “grateful” for having transformed her life in a series of posts in a clip which has gained more than 12,000 views.

    As she showed the pictures of he glamorous life, she confessed: "Me thinking life stops at 50!

    "If you’re thinking the same, this is for you!"

    In a follow-up clip, she explained her secret, adding: "How did I go from feeling like utter crap in my forties to feeling fit and on fire in my 50s?

    "It all started during lockdown when I was going out of my mind so I started weight training in the garden. As I got more confident and stronger, I then ventured out onto the gym floor and really started pushing myself.

    "Strength training is so good for women. Feeling stronger makes you feel so much more empowered and you can maximize your results by adding protein to your diet and upping your calorie intake.

    "All the while I was starting to feel like myself again, if a little more playful and I started to develop my own sense of style. Now I feel better than I did in my 20s."

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    TikTok viewers immediately took to the comments claiming they were shocked by Annamaria’s age due to her youthful appearance.

    One person wrote: “Looking great. It’s amazing we start learning more and more about our bodies as we grow older and then look younger.”

    Another commented: “Oh my God you look amazing!! I’ve just turned 40 and I hope I look as good as you in my 50s.”

    A third added: “Very hard to believe you are in your 50s.”

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