Morgan Wade Reveals Just How Good A Friend Kyle Richards Really Is!

Morgan Wade is happy to have Kyle Richards in her “corner.” Just not, you know, the corner of her bed.

As Perezcious readers know, relationship rumors have been swirling between the country singer and the reality star for months now. However, the Wilder Days singer remains adamant the two are just “friends.” She is opening up for the first time, however, about just how good a friend Kyle has been. THAT is very real.

While promoting her new album Psychopath — which is set to debut on Friday — Morgan sat down with People to address her growing connection with Kyle, and how it all began. What may come as a major surprise to some, the country star had actually never even heard of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mainstay. She told the outlet: 

“The only reality television I watched was 90 Day Fiancé and I had to stop watching because it put me in such a bad mood because I get so irritated at these people. But I had never watched the Real Housewives at all.”

Then a couple years ago a friend told her about how Kyle had posted an Instagram Story listening to her music. Morgan decided to send a message thanking her for the public support, and they hit it off.

Lately, however, that friendship has been scrutinized quite a bit amid Kyle’s rumored split from longtime husband Mauricio Umansky. Folks who saw them together started whispering, and word spread FAST about how couple-y they were. But the Take Me Away singer maintains it’s just speculation by folks who don’t know anything: 

“We’re friends. The Internet’s a dumb place.”

Kyle is quite a good friend, as it turns out. And we don’t mean that in a wink-wink way.

Morgan is preparing for a double mastectomy after testing positive for the RAD51D gene, which increases her likelihood of developing breast cancer. And she says Kyle has been invaluable throughout the whole process: 

“She helped me connect with some really good surgeons.”

And apparently, the intimate documentary Kyle is producing about Morgan will in part focus on the singer’s health battle: 

“We were talking about that and then she had the idea of us doing a documentary and following all this stuff, so we’ve been out and about. She’s just really been there for me with all that.”

She sweetly added:

“It’s just been such a great friendship. I know that if Kyle vouches for you, you’re a good person.”


Morgan also feels it’s been great to have Kyle in her “corner” as someone who’s been in the industry for a long time and has a lesson or two to teach:

“She’s extremely smart when it comes to business and how to mentally ignore s**t. The thing about Kyle is people see her on reality television, but I’ve got to meet her outside of that, and I don’t watch the show so it’s not like I’m seeing this perspective of her. I’ve seen her in real life and she’s been such a great person to have in my corner to help me navigate stuff. I didn’t have anybody like that, and all this stuff was so new to me.”

Well, the country star is definitely getting to see a different perspective of Kyle, as we all know the two recently leaned into the “strange” romance rumors while shooting her steamy music video for her hit Fall In Love With Me, which you can watch (below):  

We guess we can just chalk it all up to a bit of promo for her new album??

What are YOUR thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you buy that they’re just friends? Let us know in the comments down below!

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