‘I’m a catfish with no front teeth – but look totally different with makeup on’

A self-declared "catfish" left fans shocked after she transformed herself into a pop icon using just makeup.

Sarah Andres, who posts online under the username "Lashes and Losing", has racked up more than 830,000 followers by posting videos of her bold looks. The 35-year-old from Edmonton, Canada, is a "self-taught make-up enthusiast”.

She also jokes she's a "catfish" – as her transformations go beyond contouring and eyeshadow. In a recent clip, which has gained more than 15,000 likes, she transformed herself from being barefaced with no front teeth.

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Viewers were gobsmacked to watch her morph into a lookalike of the "All I Want for Christmas is You" singer Mariah Carey. Every visible pore disappeared from her skin with the use of a full coverage foundation.

She also switched from her animal print dressing gown and casual ponytail into a more elegant getup – a pretty plunge neck dress with her locks styled just like the singer. Sarah finished off her makeup look with a deep pink lip gloss, sultry smokey eyeshadow and a pair of false eyelashes.

While the artist is proud of her talent, she was not afraid to acknowledge her shocking transformation, even going as far as calling herself a ‘#catfish’. TikTok users even went as far as to say she looked like the Always Be My Baby singer.

One user said: "Look like Mariah Carey." Another added: "I was just going to say that!! Definitely Mariah vibes." A third wrote: "Stunning! Wish I could transform myself like this." Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Amazing work!"

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The news comes after Sarah was told she looks like a "dog" without makeup by cruel social media trolls. However, the beauty influencer was praised by fans for not caring as she lipsynced to a clip from Aliyah’s Interlude – IT GIRL.

Many TikTok users were left stunned at the response of the troll as they took to the comments to encourage her to continue being herself. However, others slammed Sarah for being a "catfish" and called for makeup to be "banned".

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