‘I work at Hooters and boss has same complaint about my hair – it takes me ages’

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    A Hooters waitress spends ages on her hair every morning.

    Chelsea Ponsell, from the US, is a brunette with two streaks of blonde at the front of her face.

    But as the style isn't very natural, she is forced to make an adjustment on days she's waitressing.

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    After a manager told her the "money pieces" hairdo is a violation of company policy, she started covering the blonde strands up with makeup.

    For two years, she's been using dark brown eyeshadow to make her locks look like they're all one colour.

    Her video, which has since gone viral with nearly six million views, shows her carrying out the painstaking process.

    Chelsea shared: "Me putting eyeshowdow on my money pieces because I'm fired from Hooters if I don't.

    "I refuse to dye my hair for a job I work three days a week for.

    "Not to mention I was hired two years ago with the same hair I have now."

    While some commented "justice for the hair", others recommended products that could make Chelsea's life easier.

    "Get dark root powder, that covers everything! It's actually for grey coverage but it's way less time consuming," one TikTok user suggested.

    Another wrote: "Just tuck them behind your brunettes and just put the eyeshadow on the part that shows."

    Some told her to try Batiste coloured dry shampoo or L'Oreal root touch up spray – so she gave them a go.

    In a follow-up video, Chelsea wore her Hooters uniform and applied her makeup.

    She said: "They say the blonde underneath is fine.

    "A lot of people said I should just put my hair up but I can't because of the blondes underneath.

    "So I'm just gonna try this dry shampoo — now I have grey hair, I don't like that.

    Luckily she also bought the touch up spray as backup – and it worked perfectly on her. Problem solved!


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