I went to Europe with seven of my besties, everything went wrong

I went to Europe with seven of my besties and everything that could go wrong did: ‘Learn from my mistakes’

  • Izzy Fraser reveals her ‘horror’ Euro trip moments
  • The 24-year-old had a long list of issues

A young Australian woman has revealed a long list of holiday fails which threatened to derail her recent girls’ trip to Europe.

The list includes luggage, broken ankles, and pizza so bad the eight women still can’t talk about the revolting cheese topping without gagging.

Izzy Fraser, 24, spent months planning the dream four-week holiday – but says everything that could go wrong did. 

She finds it funny to look back on but also wants others to learn from her mistakes.

She told FEMAIL while there were way more curveballs than she could have ever expected she still had the best holiday of her life.

The novice traveler has only been overseas three times and it hasn’t spoiled her will to explore – she will just do carry-on only to avoid half the hassle next time.

The girls hadn’t even left Australia before their problems began, something she now looks back and laughs about.

Two members of the group had forgotten to book luggage on the flight over and had to fork out an extra $250 to check in, she said on TikTok.

Izzy Fraser said the world appeared to turn against her and her seven mates during the trip – but despite a long list of avoidable challenges she had the best time ever

Then at the first stop Izzy, who had never been to Europe before, got an allergic reaction or bed bugs.

‘I am still not sure which one it was, blamed the lady at the accommodation for bed bugs, obviously,’ she added.

‘That lasted like five days, it was so uncomfortable,’ she added.

The girls also ‘lost’ their luggage for ten days during the trip – and because some of them didn’t keep boarding passes proving the inconvenience to their insurance companies was more difficult.

‘I haven’t even tried to do that (insurance) yet because I literally couldn’t comprehend that overseas,’ she said.

Then the group had ‘really dodgy’ accommodation in Zagreb. The area felt unsafe, the staff was unhelpful and to make matters worse when they ordered in some pizza it was inedible.

‘The cheese was, I can’t even talk about it,’ she said gagging.

Adding that she doesn’t think she will be able to eat Margherita pizza again.

The 24-year-old said the fact they enjoyed themselves is hilarious given how much ‘went wrong’

Everyone got some kind of virus on the trip too, she explained, she was unwell first and everyone else followed suit.

A near-miss moments after getting a hire car rounded out the first of four videos where she runs through the bad things which happened on the trip.

The group also delayed ‘the rest’ of their trip by a day, staying in Zagreb for an extra night after the airport said their luggage would probably arrive then.

‘Obviously it didn’t so that was a waste of money,’ she said.

She added they did move places for the extra night because they didn’t want to stay in the ‘hood’ any longer.

The delayed luggage meant the girls had 45 minutes to go shopping for a five day festival on day three of their trip.

‘This is eight girls running around, like I was sweating, I was sprinting around this shopping centre buying the most silly things,’ she said.

They also got a parking ticket and said it took them three weeks to work out how to pay it.

On the trip there were plenty of delayed busses and planes.

‘Most of my flights were delayed, the busses were just super inconsistent,’ she said.

She had the best time despite all of the travel issues 

Especially in Greece where she added they just come along whenever they want.

In Dubrovnik the friends had more accommodation woes.

She described the man who worked there as super creepy and said she felt unsafe in the car as he sped through the streets, while on his mobile phone.

‘Nearly hit a car then leaned across, I keep you safe, well I don’t feel safe love,’ she said.

The accommodation wasn’t what was pictured so the friends ran away and found something else.

‘This was at midnight,’ she said, explaining they were also ripped off 100 Euros and were being laughed at on the street as they figured out what to do.

In part three the young woman said a day after a ‘really chaotic day’ the group was on a boat trip when another passenger broke an ankle.

She said the woman had to be carried off the boat and people had to look after her kids, with the whole episode pushing the tour 30 minutes behind schedule.

‘I was just like OMG that could have easily been one of us, because of the track record.’

The group weren’t even meant to be on that boat but the one they had initially booked cancelled five minutes before it was due to depart.

They also had a terrifying jet boat ride: ‘Didn’t expect to nearly lose my life’.

The group also picked a 2am bus by mistake.

At the end of the trip they then lost their luggage again – just for two days.

Her friend also got a massive electric shock which made her shake and bounce onto the bed. Her hand was then hurting for days.

Two members of the group had forgotten to book luggage on the flight over and had to fork out an extra $250 to check in

In the final video Izzy said she lost her AirPods, immediately after losing luggage.

‘I just wanted to listen to some music, could have cried,’ she said.

 The friend who almost got electrocuted had another injury after trying to open a drink without a bottle opener.

The lid came off with force and smacked her in the eye.

Izzy hurt herself twice in two days, the first time she was in the ocean when boats sped past her, making waves which beat her against the rocks.

Then she fell over in the middle of the street with he backpack on, hurting her knee. 

To her embarrassment there was a very busy restaurant opposite and cars had to stop for her – meaning far too many eyes were trained in her direction.

She was also hungry a lot of the trip because she is lactose intolerant and gluten free, making a lot of the food off limits.

Izzy said she had the time of her life and wouldn’t change a thing.

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