‘I wear mini-skirts on school run and tell my son Santa is fake – it’s not mean’

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    For many parents, December is a time for warm clothes and making their homes as festive as possible to keep the magic alive for children counting down the days until Santa comes.

    But one such mum who relishes not following convention is Charlie Hayes – a young woman living life completely differently to most.

    She puts food on the table by stripping off on camera and also turns heads at the school gates by wearing what some naysayers have called “inappropriate outfits”.

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    The tattooed social media star, from Folkestone, often goes viral for her eye-catching displays but she also sparked outrage this time last year after telling her son, then four, the truth about Father Christmas.

    Speaking to NeedToKnow.online, she explained: “We still have all the regular Christmas traditions, we build the presents under the tree over the month of December. We're up super early on Christmas Day and open our gifts together and play. The same things just without the Santa stuff.

    “Jasper looks forward to presents. I look forward to seeing his joy when opening them and we both look forward to Daddy’s roast dinner.

    “I think if other parents want to do Santa, that’s great for them but I wish people would be more open-minded to the idea that Christmas can be great fun without Santa and that I’m not cruel or spoiling Christmas magic for him.”

    The eccentric mum-of-one, who is an OnlyFans model, continued: “I don’t like the idea of breaking his heart one day with a silly lie when he finds out the truth, or have him thinking children who get better presents are favoured by this strange old man.

    “I won’t tell him it’s ok for somebody to come into our home or that Santa watches him all year round and once a year he can sit on some random old man’s lap. I think it’s a little bit weird when you look at it like that.”

    She added that Jasper was not upset when she told him Santa was fake because he was a “critical thinker” who had been constantly questioning how he could be real.

    Charlie, 23, also opened up about it on TikTok where she boasts 215,000 followers and her videos have amassed more than 14million likes. It was there where she spoke of enjoying taking credit for presents – but others vehemently disagreed with her.

    One person wrote: “You should not be allowing him to ruin it for every other child. Selfish horrid behaviour.” Meanwhile, another unimpressed user said: “I’d hate for someone to ruin the magic for my child just cos they chose not to do it.”

    Despite the backlash, Charlie continued living up to her infamy in 2023 and she has been slammed for what she chooses to wear when walking Jasper to school.

    She also told Daily Star she would be wearing Christmas inspired ensembles in the lead up to the big day after previously being branded a “bad mum” for donning mini-skirts.

    Charlie is regularly told her clothing is “too revealing” but dropping Jasper off in pyjamas like some other mums is not something she is prepared to do.

    And explaining her process, she said earlier this year: “I plan my outfits the night before. I get so excited about what I’m going to wear each day that it motivates me to get up and do something.

    “It’s my passion. It makes me happy to be able to dress up like a Barbie doll in the morning. People think I’m a bad mum because I don’t fit the mould of a typical mum.

    “But the more people tell me to tone it down the more I go against it. I like winding people up with the way I look. It’s crazy to me the clothes I wear can make people so angry that they go online and say the vilest thing they can think of.”

    And addressing her critics, she advised them to “go to therapy” and stop being so invested in what she decides to put on her body.

    In a recent TikTok video, Charlie asked her followers for their opinions of her latest school run dress up where she decided to wear a mini skirt over leopard print tights.

    She also went for a leopard print top and hat and it inspired a positive reaction. One mum wrote: “I bloody love this! I can barely get myself dressed for the school run.”

    Another asked: ”I think you’re amazing. Genuine question, do parents at school still stare or make comments or are they just used to seeing you work your magic now?”

    A third parent went with: “Literal icon! Look forward to seeing your looks every single day.”

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