‘I made $1million on OnlyFans by playing games with my subscribers’

An OnlyFans model who has earned a staggering $1million since joining the platform has broken down the strategies that helped her shoot to fame. The adult performer joined the site after hearing that her other content creators earned an average of $100,000 per month.

Candice Kloss created her OnlyFans account in 2020 after hearing her friends boast about their successes on the platform.

After months of posting photos and videos sporadically, the model chose to adopt a more regimented approach to her work in order to boost subscriptions.

This involved posting content on an hourly basis and allocating time to creating new “mini-games” for her subscribers, such as number and colour-guessing games.

If a subscriber guessed correctly, they would be rewarded with a free photo, for example.

As Kloss became more consistent with her posts, she saw engagement from her subscribers grow exponentially, helping her income skyrocket.

“I try to be online pretty much all the time when I’m not sleeping,” explained the former real estate agent.

Last June, the OnlyFans model reached the incredible milestone of $1million in earnings, after just 23 months on the platform.

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Despite promoting her work on her Instagram account, she claims it is Reddit which has redirected most traffic to her page.

“On platforms like Reddit, those are the ones that get the most shares – pictures with, well, my butt,” explained Kloss.

The OnlyFans star, who uses an alias for safety reasons, appears heavily edited in her videos, a look that she achieves by applying a cartoon-like filter to the footage.

The filters are not used to conceal her looks, she explained, but rather because she’d heard from other users that it boosted their income.

“Their income increased so much when they started editing their pictures to appear more cartoony,” she explained.

The content creator admits she was clueless as to what the work would entail when she first joined the network.

To get started, she decided to reach out to other creators, who earned on average $500,000 a month, and apply some of her sales tactics to her own platform.

After noticing a surge in her income, the model started offering free trials, and charged users between five and 10 dollars to view old pictures, $12 for pre-recorded videos, and $200 for custom videos.

Kloss also invested $10,000 of her income in “promotional shoutouts”, which saw her content promoted on other creator’s pages.

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