I dyed a dress pink and turned it into a perfect Disney prom dress

I dyed a thrifted wedding dress pink and turned it into a perfect Disney prom gown

  • Megan Johnson, from the US, made a video of her DIY endeavour to dye a dress
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A teenager has shared her dream prom dress hack, after racking up 1.5m likes on TikTok with her Disney-inspired look.

Megan Johnson, 17, from Forth Worth, Texas, dyed a beaded strapless wedding gown she found in a thrift store pink to create the perfect look.

In the video that got nearly 3,000 comments, Megan outlined the process in just 30 seconds, saying the dress tturned out better than expected.

In the video, Megan started by showing the ‘before’ dress – a thrifted white wedding dress with a dramatic skirt and a beaded corset top. 

Megan bought this thrifted wedding dress and dyed it pink, sharing the process with fans on TikTok

The Disney dress. Megan said she was pleased with the colour, but some said she should have died it green

She says she’d already tailored the corset part of the dress so that it fit her – and then she explained how to dye it.

‘This is me dyeing a wedding dress I thrifted for prom,’ she explained. ‘So first, we’re filling up the tub with boiling water.’

She then poured many pots of boiling water into a large plastic tub in her garage. 

‘And here’s the dress – I sewed it so it would fit me,’ she said, presenting the gown. 

Meghan then went to the store to buy dye to add to the bucket, and told viewers she was ‘taking one last look’ at the dress before plunging it in.

‘I stirred it up with a mop for 30 minutes,’ she said, explaining she didn’t want the pink to look ‘too dark’.

She then cut to the final shot of the dress being laid out to dry – looking like a professional job. 

Some said the dress was perfect while others said she should sew little butterflies on it or dye it black 

Revealing the dress, Megan then ran through a field to the Lizzy McAlpine song, Ceilings, while her mother filmed her.

In the comments, she said she was worried about how the pearl beading and lace, in particular, would react to the dye.

But she said although the lace turned into a darker pink, she thought that the dress actually turned out ‘pretty cute’ – and many fans agreed.

One said it looked ‘dreamy’ while another described the idea as ‘genius’.

‘You’re literally a Disney princess,’ one wrote. 

One added that the dress reminded her of the one in the film The Princess and the Frog, and Megan said that’s what she’d been aiming for. 

But others said it would have looked better being dyed black or green.  

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