How I Do It: 'I'm an escort – here's how much money I made in just one week'

Welcome to How I Do It, the series in which we give you a seven-day sneak peek into the sex life of a stranger.

This week, we hear from Gigi, a professional content creator, escort, and ambassador for ChiccaChicca.

Gigi, 31, is single, pansexual, and describes her relationship with sex as ‘liberated’.

‘Sometimes I really do think I have the best job in the world,’ she tells

‘I get paid a lot to do what I love with sexy people who want to please me – it’s absolute heaven.’

This week, she takes us through not just seven days in her sex life, but she breaks down her earnings and expenses too, as well as her client’s desires…

Warning: The following is, as you might imagine, not safe for work.


My weekends are always spent having fun with friends, so I never wake up early on Mondays. I got up today at around 10am. I went out for dinner and drinks last night, so this morning I’m feeling a little worse for wear.

I started my day by doing a few odd jobs around the house, including emptying the bins, tidying up, and popping to the shops. I also did a workout which always makes me feel great. Then, I tackled a mountain of laundry; that’s one thing they don’t warn you about when it comes to sex work – clean towels and bedding are a MUST. I hold two jobs – I’m a professional adult content creator and an escort, and with the number of clients I get, I can’t afford to not keep on top of laundry day. I’m always super busy, so I just can’t fall behind.

I used the rest of the afternoon to take photos and film content for the upcoming week. Naturally, I had a little play with myself for the camera – that always seems to sell well – win for me, win for them.

I finished my day with a cam session that lasted about 90 minutes – I always enjoy my cam appointments because I get to interact with my clients, earn decent money, and get off myself (which helps with stress release). Once I’d cleaned up, I found my comfy clothes and enjoyed a chilled Netflix night.


It was a 9am start today. I had a quick breakfast before the first of my two clients popped around for his 60-minute visit.

He was a polite guy in his mid-40s. He arrived at 10:30am and asked for kissing, cuddling, oral, and sex in two positions. He’s a single guy and I gave him the full girlfriend experience, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He was super nice and an easy client, making this session the perfect start to my day.

Then, I made the most of my quick break in between clients – prep time. My next client had a foot fetish, so after hitting the gym and a quick bite to eat, I treated myself to a pedicure. This was the perfect time for me to catch up on emails, plan my filming schedule for the following week and chat with other creators to see if we can collaborate. Multitasking at its finest.

Client two was all about feet. It was 6pm when he arrived – he’s always punctual – and he was definitely craving a good foot worship session. He sucks and licks my toes and feet. I must admit that these types of appointments are one of my all-time favourites. I love my toes being licked.

I ended the night with a lovely glass of prosecco and a Chinese takeaway with my bestie.


Today was an early start which I don’t usually do, but my regular was desperate to see me before work. I’m not a morning person, so I had to take a cold shower to properly wake up – this is an absolute must for 8am appointments. At this time of the day, I find that I’m not naturally wet, so lube is my best friend. Dear readers – remember – lube is always your best friend.

This client enjoys dominating me, so when he arrives, I’m wearing a pretty dress and I let him take control by using a wand on me. It was a really fun appointment and a great way to start my day. It definitely woke me up.

When he left, I cracked on with some admin. Content is incredibly important in my line of work, as is having a regular upload schedule. So, once a week I put aside half a day to edit photos and videos, make sure everything’s ready to be uploaded and schedule all posts for automatic uploading. This was also the day I hit the bank; there’s a lot of cash involved in sex work, so it’s important to make regular deposits – I tend to go once a week. My top tip for all sex workers, old and new, is to always stay on top of your taxes. A little bit of work every week beats a mountain of work once a year. I record every single expense each week, while it’s still fresh. On this day, I organised my finances over a nice brunch, which made it feel more like a treat.

My second client arrived at 5pm. He was booked in for 90 minutes and asked me to wear latex and a collar. He wanted a spanking session, so he spanks me, and we enjoy a few BDSM-type plays. I just love appointments when my clients are experienced members of the ‘scene’; this was one of them. When someone’s a part of the kink community, they know limits, safe words, and how to communicate which always helps us both have fun and experience new things. If you’re experimenting with kink, please do your research and make sure your partner has too.

Dinner tonight was a glass of wine and a goat’s cheese salad, followed by a brisk walk on my home treadmill. I noticed a request come through my profile for a last-minute booking and – as ChiccaChicca uses geo-location technology to connect me with potential clients – I knew he’d be nearby and ready to meet straight away. It’s about 8pm and I wasn’t super tired so I figured I might as well make some money. I logged in and had a chat with him about what he was after, I didn’t fancy doing anything super kinky.

As we were chatting, other enquiries started to come in, probably because they’d have seen my green ‘Available now’ orb on. I’m kind of feeling this guy, so I’m not quick to respond to the others, but I’m thinking, if he’s a flake, I’ve got backups sorted. He’s after a missionary-style ‘date’ which is music to my ears, so I agree to meet. When he arrived, I realised that he’s a guy I’ve seen before, and I remember enjoying that session. I knew it would be a great 90 minutes.

Client three arrived at 10pm and he wanted to spend half of his session having chat. Then, he spent the second half going down on me. I, of course, reciprocated towards the end when he let me. Once he left, I threw the final set of sheets and some towels in the wash and went to bed after a long and lucrative day.


Thankfully it was a late start today; I woke up at around 9:30am and stayed in bed watching Netflix. I had a shower, put a fresh set of bedding on for the day ahead and washed all remaining towels. My first client was due to arrive at 3pm so I had enough time to make sure both me and my flat were ready.

Clients one and two had booked 30 minute and one-hour sessions respectively. They were both gorgeous. Sometimes I really do think I have the best job in the world. I get paid a lot to do what I love with sexy people who want to please me, it’s absolute heaven.

Client three arrived at 5:30pm. I’ve already prepped and covered the tub and bathroom walls with a biodegradable plastic sheet because he had asked for sploshing (whereby clients get aroused by being messy with food, including liquid foods). I don’t usually like doing in-calls when it’s going to get super messy, but he’s paying a lot and the sheets help a lot. I always make sure it’s my last appointment of the day because it’s a real pain to clean up.

He was a cool guy and was lots of fun to talk to. We laughed a lot together, and he brought over a huge range of different foods for us to use, including desserts, cream cakes, ice cream, custard, and even a whole cake. I had so much fun, and the pictures are incredible. I can’t wait to share them.

The clean-up process took a while, but I don’t mind. I charged a premium and prepping really does makes it a little bit easier. I then headed into London to meet a friend; we had some sushi and Sauvignon and ended up hitting a Soho club until about 3am. It was a great night.


Today I was woken up by a friend who, luckily for me, kept ringing my phone. I realised it was 11am, jumped out of bed, and swiftly Deliverooed a matcha latte to help cure my hangover.

My first client was a 22-year-old guy who had travelled two hours to see me. We’ve met a few times, and he enjoys getting into bed with me fully clothed and pretending to be asleep. I think he worries that it’s odd, but people miss and need all kinds of intimacy, and I’m not one to judge. As escorts, we accept clients as they are; we see them and respect them.

In the afternoon, my sugar daddy popped over. He recently took me on a trip to Paris which was incredible. I think he misses me and wants some company. He couldn’t stay for long, but it was the best session of my week. Every time I see him it feels like a honeymoon. We shared a bottle of champagne and had a wonderful evening. He left at around midnight, and I slept like a baby.


I’m up at 8:30am on a Saturday, this should be illegal. It’s way too early for me, but I have an hour-long appointment booked in for 9:30am. He’s my only client of the day so I can rest later. I get myself ready. At 9:10am he calls to cancel as something’s just come up. I’m a little bit annoyed but he’s been seeing me for a while, so I trust him, plus he says he’s transferred the balance outstanding for his booking.

I know it’s early but I’m thinking, why not try my luck and double my money. I’m already dressed, ready to play, and in the mood. I log into my account and within a few minutes I’ve received my first request from a client. We chatted for a bit and I agreed to meet him at his. I booked myself an Uber and headed out.

This client wanted a really sexy session, so I wore my favourite lingerie set (I feel incredible) and he asked me to use a urethral stick on him (also known as sounding), so I bring that along – I’ll talk about my plethora of toys another day. I gave him oral while using this stick, which was a first for me – it was interesting. I love trying new things, it keeps my job exciting. After the session, he gave me a lift home and that was work done for the day.

In the evening I went to Torture Garden (a kink/fetish event in London) with some friends. It’s an incredible club night with amazing music, sex playrooms, and a dungeon.

My friends and I are staying at a nearby hotel in town. We get ready, have some pre-drinks, and take (way too many) photos in our overtly seductive outfits. There’s a dress code and, as always, we get cheeky and flash the organisers on the door when we get checked in.

I didn’t have sex at the party on this occasion. When I play at these events, I don’t drink. I never drink and kink. I see these events as a great way to meet new, like-minded, sex-positive people, and to celebrate and enjoy our community.


I wake up in our hotel room and my friend and I are feeling euphoric. These nights really do give us huge dopamine hits. Torture Garden was so much fun and so many of our friends were there. I love going out and getting to see how much creativity people put into their outfits, it’s so inspiring. I shared a few kisses with some old friends, and a few new friends too. We exchanged numbers and social media handles, so we’ll stay in touch. This community is incredible.

We both had a journey ahead of us as we both lived out of town, but in opposite directions. So, we freshened up and went in for a cheeky Nando’s before heading home.

I’m back home now, it’s about 2pm and I’m wearing my favourite Oodie – snacks, water, fizz, and ibuprofen are at the ready. I’ll be snoozing the rest of the day away on this sofa, moving only if absolutely necessary. No gadgets, no bookings, no admin, no chores, just me and my TV. Right now, I feel tired, content, loved, and without a care in the world.

Gigi’s earnings this week:

  • Weekly Income: £4,270 (I make money on bookings, plus daddy looks after me)
  • Weekly (non-rent) Expenses: £314
  • Weekly Net Profit: £3,956

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