‘Hot’ lawyer heads outdoors and whips clothes off for naked yoga session

The glorious weather is encouraging lots of people to workout outdoors.

But you don't expect to come across someone exercising completely nude.

One woman really turned up the heat this week as she whipped off all her clothes to partake in a steamy yoga session.

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Denise Rocha is known for getting steamy on Instagram, and recently she posted some of her sexiest snaps yet.

The blonde beauty, known as one of the "hottest" lawyers on social media, bared all as she posed outdoors.

She was pictured performing various poses as she told fans her body is a "temple".

Writing on Instagram, Denise said: "Our body is a temple and yoga is one of the activities that are able to carefully combine physical and mental good shape.

"I am a practitioner and I know how good it is for our wellbeing.

"It's also great that there are other aspects like NAKED YOGA.

"Have you heard of it? In it we do the position without clothes and we can feel even more free.

"Practice and tell me how was the experience here."

Denise looked amazing as she worked out, and the poses also allowed her to show off her tattoos.

Even though she stripped off, she was able to cover up her private parts with her arms and legs, which meant fans only got a cheeky glimpse of what her bod looks like in the nude.

Since the cheeky snaps were shared more than 58,000 people have liked them, and her followers were quick to comment too.

Denise has been dubbed "beautiful" by some of her biggest fans.

One person wrote: "I'm lying on the floor, to avoid falling for you."

Another replied: "A work of art beautiful princess."

A third said: "Look, I knew yoga is good. More with no clothes is even better."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Work of art, beautiful."

The bombshell is currently one of the muses of OnlyFans – but she decided to return to her studies to learn more about a topic that has caught her attention in recent years.

She recently announced she's starting a sexology course in Brasilia, Brazil.

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