Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for September 27


Your determination to get the most you can out of every hour of the day could have an adverse effect on your health if you aren’t careful. You won’t notice how much you are actually pushing yourself until you pause for a while and suddenly realise how tired you are.


If a job’s worth doing it is worth doing well. Some people are starting to panic because they aren’t making as much progress as hoped. It doesn’t help that they aren’t being very organised. You will be taking a steady and practical approach to your work and that way, you will get results.


A minor mishap that occurs early on could mar an otherwise pleasant day When it comes to friendship and family relationships, just one person could spoil it for everyone else. They’ve obviously got out of bed on the wrong side. Avoid them until their mood improves.


Be sensible about your health. Working with machinery or at a computer could cause physical strain by keeping you in the same position or using the same muscles without rest. If you work with the public you need times of quiet on your own to get a balance between demands from others and your private needs.


You’ve been holding back from expressing your feelings. This is making you feel secretive and yet there is a reason why you are behaving in this way. Although you would like to talk, you have a strong feeling someone won’t really understand you.


Bumping into an old friend will cause you to go through a mix of conflicting emotions. You never expected to see this person again and although you shared some happy times together, there was a lot of sadness associated with your parting.


Someone you did not particularly enjoy being with in the past will put an exciting proposition your way. Your dilemma now is whether or not you feel you could work with them in the future. Listen to all views being voiced around you and this will help you get a clearer picture.


Discussions concerning your career will get pretty serious. You’re in a position now where you need to make an important decision. Although you aren’t entirely comfortable with this you will accept that you need to make a choice as someone is waiting to hear from you.


The key to a happy relationship lies in your willingness to be totally upfront, honest and open in all your dealings. You will get the chance to clear up past misunderstandings with a neighbour or housemate. It’s up to you whether or not you take this.

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A stranger could be useful in helping you understand issues that have been causing you some concern. You will appreciate their patience. A meeting focused on the long-term prospects of a new venture gives you a better idea of its likelihood of success.


Your boss or a colleague will say a few things that will get you thinking. Their comments on matters that don’t concern them makes it feel like they are intruding on your privacy. This person might be direct in speech but do they have any right to say what they are saying?


A relative who is going through some problems will look to you for support. You might not agree with the decisions they are making but remember it is their life. Instead of trying to persuade them around to your way of thinking, you should advise them to do what feels right for them.

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