Hilarious texting fails which made people wish they had never hit send

Step away from the keypad! Hilarious texting fails which made people wish they had never hit send

  • Bored Panda collated the most hilarious texting fails from around the world 
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We’ve all been there – you get overzealous about a message and shoot it off without thinking, before spotting a typo. 

Most times they’re harmless – but occasionally, they dramatically change the meaning of the whole text. 

Bored Panda collated a selection of the most hilarious texting fails from around the world, including both spelling errors and speech-to-text mishaps. 

In one instance, a woman from the US misspelt ‘leaving’ as ‘lesbian’ – which had her husband in stitches. 

Elsewhere, a mother in Oklahoma warning to ‘drive carefully’ accidentally instructed her daughter to ‘drug carefully’. 

One woman from the US left her husband quite shocked after a simple typo made dramatic claims

In another instance, a man trying to text may have left his grandchild with more questions than answers. 

And one WhatsApp conversation from the UK also saw one texter struggle with spelling out the tricky word ‘benign’.

Here, FEMAIL looks at the most hilarious messaging fails and how people replied to them… 

One concerned mother from Oklahoma may have wanted to double check her spelling before she sent off this text 

In an attempt to be helpful, one grandfather gave texting his best shot, but may have created more confusion in the process 

One couple, understood to be UK based, eventually landed on the same page about a ‘benign’ liver growth 

This parent wanted to know what their daughter wanted to order – but was left with more questions than answers

This texter, understood to be in the UK, clearly had a lot of fun with the text-to-speech function on their phone 

This woman from the US was shocked to find out that her husband had made a trip all the way in Toronto – only to find out it was a spelling mistake

This man from the UK wishes the ground would ‘swallow him whole’ after this awfully timed typo

One man from the UK had definitely ‘nailed it’ as he braved several attempts of spelling the word ‘coolio’

One texter, who is understood to be from the US, had their mother worried with a simple misunderstanding 

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