Hair stylist shares which cut is ‘always good’ for mature hair

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Angelo Vallillo, award-winning stylist and co-founder of Shanti, sellers of “superfood for your hair”, spoke to about how one can embrace their grey hair. He also advised which cut and style is best for mature hair.

Angelo told that embracing grey hair is “a confident thing like anything else you want to embody or embrace”.

“Having a really good hair cut and making sure it’s super healthy by using a good shampoo or conditioner, as well as taking supplements, will give you that confidence,” he said.

So, which cut is best for middle-aged women with grey or mature hair? Angelo explained: “On average, a mid-length cut is always good. However it all depends on the thickness of your hair.

“If you have fine hair and you’re middle aged, I’ll always go for just above the shoulder because you want to create as much thickness as possible.

“If you have thick hair then you can go that little bit longer, like shoulder length or just below the shoulder.”

The expert added that “fringes are always good as well”, but this cut does depend on one’s face shape. “I would always recommend curtain bangs,” Angelo continued.

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“But again, it’s all down to suitability – it has to mirror the face shape. You have to get someone who understands face shape, especially when it comes to haircuts.”

As for the best style for women with grey hair, Angelo said “there are a few options”, but “the most important one for me is having a really good hair cut”.

“I think that’s something that will make the grey pop – if you have a nice strong bob or an asymmetric hairstyle, that really works well with grey hair,” he continued.

“Also, longer hair is really nice – just make sure you keep it really healthy.”

It’s also important to look after one’s hair with a “good shampoo and conditioner”, according to Angelo.

“That will brighten up your grey hair, enhance it, and keep it healthy,” he said.

“You can also add face framing – colour around the front of your hair – and enhance that depth of grey to go alongside your natural colour.

“I recommend Shanti for a good shampoo and conditioner – it has eight key ingredients that collectively keeps hair healthy and clean, especially if you want to keep your natural hair strong when it starts to grey.

When one’s hair starts to grey, one can either leave it grey or dye it another colour. Angelo said the former can “look great”.

He continued: “It all boils down to you – grey is great if you have a well structured haircut and the condition of the hair is also good.

“If it makes you feel confident, then there’s no need to colour your hair. The colouring of the hair is just as important as the cut and style, so make sure if you want to leave it grey that you get a good stylist to look after that.

“If you were to colour grey hair I would go with lighter tones, soft blondes and muted browns as they will blend in better with the grey.”

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