Godzilla fan unveils incredible movie theatre setup

Is this the best home cinema EVER? Movie buff unveils incredible theatre setup that looks JUST like the real thing – complete with ‘stars’ on the roof and glowing posters

  • A man has shown off his incredible Godzilla themed home cinema 
  • The Godzilla fan created the home cinema on a budget but made it look great 
  • The cinema includes movie posters, seat lighting and blackout curtains

A Godzilla fan has unveiled his incredible home cinema – showing off carefully planned details that make it look just like the real deal.

The Melbourne man posted a photo album to Facebook to show off the newly-completed project – and it doesn’t disappoint.

The home cinema is located on the second storey of the home – from the top of the stairs the glowing cinema sign, red partition cord and movie posters catch the eye.

A Godzilla fan has shown off his incredible home-theatre and says it took a year to perfect

The finishing touches, including light up movie posters, set the cinema apart

The starlight ceiling and cinema style chairs and teared seating is well done

The tiny details have been taken into consideration when designing the room to look and feel like a high-end cinema.

From the starlight ceiling, to the block out curtains and tiered seating with strip lighting – the designer appeared to take a lot of time when putting the room together.

Below the screen the man paid homage to his love for Godzilla with a collection of figurines of the monster.

There is also Godzilla lighting, and more movie posters featuring the large lizard in the walls.

The couches are decorated with cushions, some including the famous monster, and also have cup holders and seat dividers like commercial cinemas.

The front chairs are slightly different to what you might find at the cinema though as they swivel, to face the back of the room so people can sit and chat after the movie.

The seating has strip lighting just like in the movies – with one exception – the front seats swivel to face the back wall

The Godzilla theme is hard to miss – with figurines, stuffed toys and even lighting

The red-rope division cord is a nice touch and  gives the cinema a profession feel

‘There is still so much more I would like to do but I am restricted by my budget,’ the man said.

He said he reused his old speakers, did a lot of DIY and shopped for much of the cinema gear second hand but it ‘really happy’ with how it turned out.

The Godzilla theme not only ‘adds character’ but reminds the man of his grandfather, who he was close to – and who first introduced him to the monster when he was a teenager.

More strip lighting and posters make the hallway outside the home cinema similar to the hallways outside a real movie theatre

The incredible Godzilla collection is a nod to the man’s grandfather – the pair bonded over the monster 

He has other themed rooms in his home and appears to be an avid collector

‘We stayed up late watching wrestling and Godzilla all the time,’ he said – adding he missed the man who taught him so much.

The post has been liked over 27,000 times – with people leaving comments congratulating him for the incredible looking room.

‘Looks super dope,  well done,’ one person said.

‘This is dream worthy – my god,’ said another.

Others just cheekily asked to be adopted.

The man also put up photos of other themed rooms in his home, including a gaming console room and a Star Wars room. 

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