Former NBA Player, JJ Redick, Selling Brooklyn Penthouse For $8.5 Million

They say some things in life are built to last while others are only for a season, and I’m not referring to a basketball off-season. However, this is in reference to the $8.5 million Brooklyn Penthouse belonging to retired NBA three-pointer marksman Jonathan Clay Redick, better known as JJ Redick. He played for the Duke Blue Devils at Duke University from 2002 to 2006. From there on, he was drafted by the NBA as a shooting guard to play for the Orlando Magic, where he played for seven years until 2013, making it his longest stint with the team. He also played for the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers, Philidelphia 76ers, New Orleans Pelicans, and the Dallas Mavericks before retiring in 2021.

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During his professional career with the NBA, Redick earned a lavish salary of between $2 million to $23 million while transitioning between basketball teams. Between 2006-2021, Redick made a total of $118 million as a baller. With that salary, he really was balling. According to, the Tennesse native purchased a newly-built Brooklyn Penthouse for a little over $6 million in 2017, just one year after selling his 10,000 square foot, two-story Austin mansion for $5 million.

It’s not unusual since real estate is something many celebrities dabble in. However, he put the stunning Brooklyn duplex on the market to be sold for $8.5 million. The 3,000 square foot layout is a noticeably smaller structure, with four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Compared to his Texas home, which came equipped with nine bathrooms and six bedrooms. Although the deluxe duplex is up for grabs, Redick has no plans to leave the Brooklyn borough, stating that he and his family have decided to relocate to another area in Brooklyn that’s more convenient for his children’s schooling.

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You may be wondering why Redick is selling his penthouse for more than $2 million than he purchased it for. Aren’t houses supposed to depreciate? Not when you deck it out with your own finishings, as most celebrities do. Their personal taste added such a unique decor that it was even featured in Architectural Digest in 2019. Redick and his wife renovated the home from its bland visage to a European-inspired style which also features an added entryway.

Their kitchen was remodeled with marble countertops and dripping in Aegean blue. The family room features a Jansen-style custom cabinet, concealing a television that mechanically rises up so that Redick and his family can view the basketball game while eating at the island bar. The French-style master bedroom lends access to a private terrace, which includes a soaking tub and mirrored dressing room. The upper floor keeps two additional bedrooms plus a study room for anyone who wants some quiet time.

Seeing how easily the Clippers player made a profit from his Brooklyn property, we’ll have to wait and see what other awesome real estate decisions he makes.

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