Foodie’s clever mashed potatoes hack using cooling rack stops you having to peel

A cooking guru has shared her top mashed potatoes tip which does away with having to peel the tatties.

TV host and foodie Lora McLaughlin Peterson said you can still make mashed spuds even if you don't have a peeler.

She showed her fans on TikTok how she did it without making a mess in the kitchen.

In the clip, Lora says: "Take a bag of unpeeled potatoes and cook like normal. Grab a bowl and place a baking rack over the bowl.

"Cut the potatoes in half and lay it on the rack and smash.

"The rack smashed the potatoes while leaving the skin behind. Season like normal and you're ready to eat!"

Lora pointed out that the baking rack is usually used to "cool down baked goods" and it's easy to find in any department store or cookware shop.

Many viewers were shocked when they learned about Lora's trick and they can't wait to try it out.

"No more peeling? My old hands thank you!" one wrote while a second said: "Yeah, you're my new best friend! I hate peeling potatoes."

A third added: "What? Trademark this idea immediately…my life just changed."

It comes after fellow foodie Ria McCullough found a trick to cook roast potatoes without using an oven and she said she will "never cook potatoes in conventional again".

To give the potatoes a golden, crispy texture, the key tool is a slow cooker.

But if you don't have four hours to wait before it's cooked, you can also take reference from successful home cook Jim Lad, who landed himself a book deal from sharing roast potatoes recipes during lockdown.

Jim's roast potatoes left food fans drooling over the dish online but he also surprised fans with other creations like pork crackling, homemade pies, toad in the hole, and sirloin steak.

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