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THE cold weather is still with us and buying a winter duvet could be a cheaper alternative.

Households are still feeling the squeeze from energy bills and rising costs elsewhere are continuing to rise.

Investing in a new winter duvet could be a cheaper alternative to putting the heating on overnight as the cold snap continues across much of the UK.

Buying a new duvet can be a tricky decision as you'll be factoring in tog, size and material.

The higher the tog of the duvet, the warmer – and thicker – it should technically be.

Winter duvets tend to have a tog of 13.5 to 15.

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There are two main types of duvet fillings: natural and synthetic.

If cared for properly, natural duvets can last longer than synthetic ones and they usually tend to be more breathable.

Down — a type of fine feather and thermal insulator — is the warmest material and is pretty lightweight, but generally the most expensive.

Feathers, usually from geese, are slightly less warm but heavier and therefore a more affordable option.

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A mix of both down and feather offers the best of both worlds.

On the synthetic side of the fence, duvets made from polyester benefit from being extremely hard-wearing and are easier to wash more regularly than natural duvets.

They tend to keep their shape better too, and don't get lumpy over time.

Think of synthetic duvets as solid all-rounders that offer a good degree of comfort, warmth and softness at a very reasonable price.

We've picked out mostly synthetic duvets, as they often tend to be cheaper.

It was tricky to find a really cheap duvet with a really high tog so we've gone for what we think is best.

Of course, do shop around for the best deal as we may have missed it.

If you can splurge on a down duvet, that might be a better option in the long run.

Bear in mind if you, your partner or children also have allergies as some duvets can trigger symptoms.

Amazon DN Collection Winter Duvet 16.5 tog – £20.99

This is probably the best one we've seen for the cheapest price and thickest tog.

Amazon is selling a double winter duvet for £20.99.

If you're after a single then it's £18.99, king size you're looking at £22.99 or super king £23.99.

Amazon states that it is made from anti-allergy hollowfibre so should not impact anyone who may have symptoms from fibres and other materials.

Reviewers have said: "As with most things you get what you pay for.

"It is an excellent lightweight duvet and good value for money. Can't fault it at this price point."

Another said: "This is what you need for winter."

It's currently in stock online in all sizes.

Dunelm Wonderfully Warm Duvet 15 tog – £24

Shoppers can pick up Dunelm's Wonderfully Warm duvet for £24 for a double size.

A single costs £18, a king size £28 and a super king size for £32.

It is made from polyester meaning it should be soft to sleep under.

It is 15 tog so although it is slightly thinner than Amazon's it still will be fairly warm.

Remember winter duvets tend to have a tog of 13.5 to 15 anyway.

Overall, it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

One customer said: "This duvet is perfect for winter. Super warm.

"I actually find myself turning of the heating once I’m tucked it."

While another said: "Bought during a cold spell where I was waking up feeling cold and made a great difference.

"Sleeping well now."

It's currently in stock online in all sizes.

Asda Basic Duvet 13.5 tog – £6.50

This is the cheapest one we've seen.

Supermarket giant Asda is selling a 13.5 tog for just £6.50 for a single.

Shoppers can get their hands on a double for as little as £8.50 or a king size for £10.50.

It doesn't come in a super king size.

The 13.5 tog will mean it's cool but still classed as a winter duvet.

The reviews are pretty good.

One happy shopper said: "Didn’t realise how thick and cosy it would be, really chuffed considering the price to."

Another wrote: "Will have to see how long it last but it is warm."

And another added: "Great duvet for the price.

"Nice and fluffy and warm."

It is currently in stock in all measurements.

Aldi Slumberdown Single Mega Bounce13.5 tog – £14.99

Annoyingly, this one is only available as a single size.

We couldn't find a bigger alternative from Aldi but it might be worth checking in store.

This duvet costs £14.99 and is made from polyester.

Aldi said the 13.5 tog will help with energy efficiency.

It has no reviews but is currently in stock online.

It is part of the bargain supermarket's current SpecialBuys which could mean that the item has only just come in stock.

It also may mean that it may only be in stock for a short period of time.

John Lewis Synthetic Soft Tough Duvet 13.5 tog – £50

This is the most expensive one we've suggested – but there's way more expensive ones out there.

This duvet from John Lewis is 13.5 tog and costs £50 for a double and £40 for a single.

A king size will set you back £62 while a super king will cost you £72.

It is made from polyester.

Shoppers have rated the duvetas very good, with one saying: "It's so soft and warm and not at all heavy, the best decision I made was to purchase this JL duvet and would definitely recommend it."

Another said: "It's so warm and retains heat really well.

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"I live in an old flat with single glazing and no wall insulation, and this duvet is helping me survive the cold snap.

"Incredible value for money."

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