Dentist shares secrets hidden in your mouth – from oral sex to sleep problems

A dentist has gone viral after she shocked fans with secrets she can unlock just by looking in your mouth at your regular check-ups.

Emma Cubis, who posts online as @emmafrommelbourne, has been working as a dental hygienist for over a decade. But the Australian expert has since become a social media senastion after she shared four key things a dentist can discover by looking inside your mouth.

In a recent video which scooped over 1.2million views and 83,000 likes, she revealed the surprising things that lay hidden in your teeth ranged from possible STIs to which is your dominant hand. She explained: "No other health professional assesses the oral cavity like we do, which is why an annual dentist examination is crucial.."

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She went on to left the bizarre secrets and the tell-tale signs she looks out for, which are:

Which hand you write with: According to Emma, she can tell which hand you write with by the way you brush your teeth. She claims your non-dominant side is often brushed for longer and therefore has better hygiene than the other side.

Emma said: “When you come back to brush your dominant side it's a much more awkward angle, so less time is usually spent there. When I use plaque disclosing gel on my patient's teeth, 95% of the time, I can tell if they are left or right-handed. The other 5% is the exception to the rule or they are ambidextrous!”

Which side you use to chew: The dental expert claims that the more dominant side is likely to be the side you chew on and usually it's the side with more plaque on it. She added said: “If I can see or am cleaning away more hardened plaque (calculus) from one area of the mouth, it usually indicates the patient is favouring chewing on that one side.”

If you have sleep issues: Apparently your dentist can also tell if you struggle to sleep at night. Emma claims she can make the assessment if she spots inflamed gums, a tongue with scalloped edges, worn tooth surfaces, teeth grinding, and enlarged tonsils that block the airway.

However, she also noted that "although we are well versed to keep an eye out for these signs, we cannot officially diagnose so we will refer you to the relevant specialists.”

Oral cancer or STIs: If you've contracted an STI from oral sex or developed cancer in your mouth, your dentist will probably be the first one to notice. Emma explained that they usually “check all soft tissues for anything out of the ordinary”.

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"Several STIs present with oral symptoms," she added. "If STIs are diagnosed early, treatment can be started immediately and we usually expect normal recoveries as well as prevent transmission. It is usually recommended to see your dentist once a year and your dental hygienist every six months for optimal oral hygiene or more frequently if needed."

The news comes after a doctor gave a chilling warning about oral sex – claiming it could eventually lead to cancer. Dr Daria Sadovskaya claims Human papillomavirus (HPV), which is known to be linked to cervical cancer, could be the cause of other forms of cancer too. The kidney expert, who boasts over 90,000 followers, claims the infection can be transferred to the throat during oral sex.

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