David Attenborough's New Netflix Show Will Explore the Amazing Ways Animals Use Color to Survive


Earth Day just got more colorful.

Netflix is premiering a new three-part nature series on Earth Day, April 22, this year called Life in Color with David Attenborough, and PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the show's first trailer.

In Life in Color, Attenborough, 94, travels the world — from the humid, vibrant rainforests of Costa Rica to the cold, snowy Scottish Highlands — to explore how animals use color to their advantage.

Attenborough will look into how peacocks' bold tails attract mates, why some fish change color during attacks, and how many creatures use hues not visible to the human eye to survive and thrive.

Revolutionary camera technology, created specifically for this project, is used throughout the series to help viewers truly understand the complex relationship the world's species has with color.

"Over the decades, film has made extraordinary advances, from black and white to color, and high definition to even ultra-high definition. But we have always known there is another world of color, one that only animals can see. For Life in Color, we developed new technology to provide a window into these invisible worlds. It has allowed us to unlock some of the mysteries of nature and to share these with our audience for the first time," Attenborough said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE about the show's creation.

Based on the trailer, viewers can expect plenty of beautiful birds, bugs, big cats, and much more.

Life in Color, produced by Humble Bee Films and SeaLight Pictures in association with the BBC, will premiere on Netflix on April 22.

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