Dad leaves his son's wedding after he denied a dance with step-mum

Dad storms out of his own son’s wedding reception because the groom had refused to dance with his step-mum

  • A groom didn’t dance with his step-mum during the mother-son wedding dance
  • This angered his dad who left the venue after finding out 
  • The father took to Reddit asking if he’s in the wrong for doing so  

A father has taken to Reddit to ask if he’s in the wrong for leaving his own son’s wedding after he denied his step-mum a mother-son dance. 

When arriving at the wedding venue, the dad said the atmosphere was ‘great’ until later when he found out his son had rejected the dance. 

The man revealed his son’s mother passed away when he was only 13 and his step-mum came into his life three years later, and the two have never bonded well. The son also decided to move in with his aunty when his father remarried.  

More than 14,000 people joined in on the Reddit conversation and shared their opinion of who they think is in the wrong. 

A groom, 27, didn’t dance with his step-mum during the mother-son dance, resulting in his dad leaving the event (stock image) 

‘My son “Jordan” is 27. His stepmom “Natalie” came into his life when he was 16. His mom had passed away when he was 13,’ the Reddit post read. 

‘Jordan never really considered Natalie as his his mom. He refused to let her get close and shut down every attempt to have a close relationship. He even moved in with his aunt months after Natalie and I got married.

‘As years went by, they started reconciling and seeing each other more often. He invited us to his wedding which took place days ago.’

At the wedding Natalie explained what had happened, leaving him feeling ‘irritated and quite upset’ before he decided to leave. 

‘I got calls from my family after they saw me leave. And Jordan called later and I told him why I did it,’ the dad wrote. 

‘He got mad and said it was his wedding and that his aunt is basically a mother to him and said that Natalie shouldn’t expect “special treatment”. 

‘I said it’s not special treatment but a tradition. Besides that he hurt her feelings for no reason other than for the sake of being malicious. He got offended and accused me of ruining his day and causing a scene.

‘Now the family sided with him and said I shouldn’t have left no matter what.’

The dad then took to Reddit to ask ‘am I the a**hole for leaving my son’s wedding?’ Redditors struggled to see the dad side and wrote lengthy responses, saying his wife could never replace his son’s mother(stock image)

Redditors struggled to see the dad side and wrote lengthy responses, saying his wife could never replace his son’s mother.  

‘You can’t force people together. You and Natalie both need to accept that Jordan accepts Natalie in his life but not as a mother figure before he no longer has either of you in his life,’ one person wrote,’ one person wrote, 

‘Your wife has never been his mother and he has every right to not have a mother/son dance with her. I strongly suspect this isn’t the first time you’ve chosen your wife over your son and is probably why he moved in with his aunt,’ another said. 

‘It sounds like the son was starting to build a relationship with her. Congrats on ruining all the hard work your wife and son put in towards being comfortable with each other,’ a third added.

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