Covid-19: ‘Spread your legs’ – Chris Hipkins’ hilarious subtle joke for NZ at press conference

He’s done it again!

Covid-19 response Minister Chris Hipkins went viral for his now famous “spread their legs” gaffe, now he’s back at it again making Kiwis laugh at Wednesday’s Covid press conference.

A few weeks ago, on the podium, Hipkins made a rather unintentional X-rated error, telling Kiwis about how they should social distance when they “spread their legs”.

“It is a challenge for people in high density areas to get outside and spread their legs when they are surrounded by other people,” he said.

His quirky moment became a moment of New Zealand nostalgia and was quickly turned into merchandise – in this case a coffee mug.

On the mug was a picture of Hipkins with the words “spread your legs, not the virus”.

On Wednesday, Hipkins gave the nation another moment to laugh at when he spread his lips around the very mug that made fun of his gaffe, adding another moment of humour to the otherwise intense Covid-19 press conferences.

Minutes before Hipkins was set to address the nation, his press secretary placed the mug on the podium.

Hipkins, then directed a cheeky grin at the journalists before taking a sip from the personalised mug as he dove into proceedings.

The moment captured hearts yet again on social media, with many praising his humour and ability to lighten the mood.

One person said: “I love that we live in a country where Chris Hipkins can do this and people take it for the laugh it is. This is proper owning it.”

Another added: “Chris Hipkins that mug and the cheeky grin before the sip was chefs kiss.”

A third declared: “Every time I spread my legs I think about Minister Hipkins.”

It wasn’t Hipkins’ only mic-drop moment at today’s press conference.

When asked ifhe needs to drop a portfolio or two to focus on Covid-19, as Chris Bishop has been forced to do in the National Party, Hikins replied: “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you focus your time and energy onto your work rather than fighting with your colleagues.”

At the time of Hipkins’ original gaffe, he then went on to say “I’m sure you’ll all have fun with me later.”

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