British shoppers make huge savings at ‘high end’ supermarket

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Due to the cost of living crisis, supermarket prices have never been in the spotlight quite as much as they are now. With the cost of products increasing at a rapid rate, it means Britons have been making changes to their regular food shops.

Some shoppers have ditched their usual supermarkets in search of better prices.

One retailer that historically was always viewed as being among the most expensive for food shops was Sainsbury’s.

A few years ago, families that were looking to eat on a budget would not have considered shopping there.

But now it seems British shoppers are making a change and heading to the “Taste the Difference” supermarket in large numbers.

Following the news about price hikes at Asda, a number of customers responded to say they have swapped to shop at Sainsbury’s instead.

Among them was a mother-of-six Caitlin Rolle, who says she’s not only impressed with the retailer’s Aldi Price Match scheme, which now has over 25 percent more products matched than last autumn, but believes the quality of food is better than what you can get elsewhere.

Prior to the pandemic she mostly shopped at Asda, Aldi and Morrisons, but now claims Sainsbury’s works out better for her, on cost and quality than all the shops in her area.

“Sainsbury’s was always the high end like Marks and Spencer and Waitrose, but now they are on par with the rest,” Caitlin Rolle told Manchester Evening News.

“They not only price match Aldi, they also have better quality foods.”

The 35-year-old sticks to quite a strict budget for her family of eight, taking advantage of bulk buys where she can and making homemade snacks and soups to keep costs down.

“I do a monthly £350 shop, so it works out around £90 per week on average” she added.

“I cook from fresh for most meals and meal plans. We bake a lot so the children have snacks homemade so that saves, but we get weekly top-ups of milk and bread if needed throughout the week.”

Caitlin, who lives in West Yorkshire, says the packs of Sainsbury’s 12 breaded ham slices cost £1.75 for 300g, which are cheaper than Morrisons where she used to buy them.

According to the shopper, they also “taste better” too. She added: “Same as the salami. We use six packs per week, as we are a large family of eight and have it in sandwiches. The quality is amazing at Sainsbury’s.

“I buy the shop’s own brands and branded too. I buy all baby products from there, toiletries, washing powder. We only use Fairy and it’s always a good price.”

The stay-at-home mother, who has five daughters aged between two and 17, and also a six-month-old son, said the supermarket also caters well for three of her children who have dairy allergies.

“The selection of dairy-free is really good and the dairy-free milks are brilliant. I like the Nectar card savings and on the smart shop you get some great deals on items you regularly buy.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “With costs going up, we are working hard to keep prices low. Last year we announced that we would invest over £550m by March 2023 into lowering prices as part of our goal to put food back at the heart of Sainsbury’s.

“We’re committed to doing everything we can to support customers with the rising cost of living. Through initiatives such as our Aldi Price Match campaign, Price Lock and My Nectar Prices, customers can find low prices on the products they buy most often both in stores and online.

“Our focus on value means that all our customers will find great deals when they shop with us and do not need to go anywhere else to get the best prices on their weekly shop.”

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