‘Blue Bloods’: Baez Is in Trouble and Kimberly Gives Erin Hell

The latest episode of Blue Bloods will make you feel scared, angry, annoyed, and happy. You’re sure to feel all the emotions after watching Blue Bloods Season 11, Episode 8. Here’s what happened last time.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Blue Bloods Season 11, Episode 8.

The serial killer is back on ‘Blue Bloods’

During Blue Bloods Season 11, Episode 8 (titled “More Than Meets the Eye”), when Danny and Baez arrive at a crime scene, they see right away that the serial killer who locked them in a basement is back. The victim was left in a condition similar to how the serial killer handled his other victims.

A Nassau County detective is on the scene and he claims his police department has jurisdiction. However, Danny determines the body was on the Queens side, so NYPD has jurisdiction.

Instead of fighting, Danny suggests a joint investigation. Baez is upset, and Danny says he was trying not to “steamroll” people like he usually does. Baez says this was the one time she wanted him to steamroll. Danny shakes his head in disbelief because it seems like Baez can’t make up her mind.

The next day, Baez signs in for work around 5:00 a.m. Danny concludes Baez got in so early because she was disturbed by the case, and she let it get personal. He tells her to try to separate herself from the case so she can be objective.

Baez later decides to check out an address in Gravesend that showed up on the phone of two of the serial killer’s victims. She goes by herself, so Danny leaves the office and meets her at the house. She tells him she’s not going to do anything, but she lied. Baez starts by investigating the killer’s car. She notices a blood trail, so she calls for backup and then she starts looking around the outside of the house.

Baez decides to enter the house, but before she can get very far, the killer jumps behind her and wraps a plastic bag around her head. They struggle on the floor and Baez tries to regain control. Luckily, Danny comes at just the right time. Backup arrives and Baez is saved. Danny grills her for going off without him, but she says she’s just trying to be like Danny Reagan. Danny tells her not to be like him because he likes who she is.

“I don’t want you to be like Danny Reagan,” says Danny. When Baez asks why not, he says, “Because I like Maria Baez.”

Erin and Kimberly aren’t getting along

Kimberly decides to observe the people on her team, including Erin. Unfortunately, Kimberly and Erin have different ways of working. Kimberly’s idea of observing is to take the lead. Erin is trying to convince a young woman named Keisha to identify the man who shot her boyfriend. However, Kimberly scares the girl off by telling her upfront that the case could go to trial and she would have to point out the shooter in court.

The girl decides to change her story and say she didn’t see anything. She then storms out of the room. It looks like Baez should be telling Kimberly not to steamroll people, not Danny.

Erin and Kimberly visit Keisha’s home and try to convince her once more to testify. However, her mother pressures her to keep quiet. Keisha comes back to the district attorney’s office. Kimberly is running out of tactics to get Keisha to cooperate, so she tells a fake story about how her best friend was shot and she let the killer get away by not testifying. The lie works like a charm and Keisha testifies.

Frank is asked to reverse a reporter’s arrest

Frank is approached by Robert Lewis, the attorney general. He’s upset about the arrest of a reporter who was filming an arrest at a store. The reporter was arrested for interfering with Jamie and Eddie’s work. Robert asks for a reversal of the arrest because he believes the reporter’s First Amendment rights were violated.

Frank disagrees, saying the reporter broke the law by interfering with an investigation. He goes on to say the woman is hardly a reporter. He describes her as a “self-appointed reporter with a YouTube channel.”

Erin’s boss gets involved and decides she doesn’t want to prosecute the reporter. This upsets Jamie, who calls Erin and asks what’s going on. Kimberly overhears the phone call and tells Erin that if Jamie has any questions, he can talk to her. Jamie is eventually able to get a warrant to have the reporter’s phone searched, and the criminals are caught.

Frank finds out the reason Robert was fighting so hard for the reporter was because he was having an affair with her. Robert agrees to restore the NYPD’s oversight of press passes if Frank doesn’t leak his personal information.

Blue Bloods airs on CBS Fridays at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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