Beauty lover swears by 3-step routine to ‘brighten’ skin and ‘soften fine lines’

Caring for the skin is one of the most effective ways to reduce visible signs of ageing, particularly on the face.

Specialised anti-wrinkle formulas may claim to banish fine lines and creasing but they often come at a premium and aren’t always effective.

Instead, a mature beauty blogger has taken to TikTok to share her skincare secrets. Lisa LaCroix (@lisalacroix) specialises in “artful ageing”, and swears by a simple three-step routine to maintain a youthful complexion.

In a recent video on her profile, the 57-year-old claimed to use a combination of a facial shaving razor, ice cube, and gua sha tool to make her skin glow.

Lisa said: “Number one, face shaving. I use this little tool to remove the peach fuzz, but also, a thin layer of dead skin.”

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She continued: “It’s like a lighter version of dermaplaning that you get in a skincare clinic. I think it brightens my skin and softens fine lines.”

This can have negative impacts on the skin for some which should be considered before using the technique. Shaving the sensitive skin on the face should only be done with specially designed razors that aren’t too harsh. The most common of which are often flat, stick-like razors with a blade on just one side.

According to an expert at Botanica Day Spa, the process has “quite a few benefits” which largely come from the exfoliation rather than the removal of hair, though it does come with the risk of small cuts or grazes if done incorrectly.

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Lisa’s second step in her skincare routine involved an entirely free product – ice.

The beauty blogger explained that every morning, she “quickly runs two ice cubes over her entire face”, emphasising that it should be done in a hurry to avoid getting too cold.

She claimed: “It seems to reduce the puffiness around my eyes and generally reduce overall inflammation. Some people say it increases blood flow, and while it probably doesn’t have long term benefits, I think it’s good for the short term.”

The third and final stage of her anti-ageing routine involved facial massage using a gua sha tool. Lisa explained that this form of massage has a long history and is said to reduce puffiness.

She observed that it also increases lymphatic drainage and helps to bring blood flow black to the face as a result of the pressure on the skin.

Lisa added: “It may not have extreme benefits, but I think it reduces my night time puffiness”.

This stage can be paired with a soothing facial oil to glide across the skin while massaging it for added benefits.

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