Author who wrote about alcoholic ex says she's found love again

Author Liz Fraser reveals she’s found love again after writing best-selling memoir about ‘broken life’ with alcoholic ex – which saw her endure vicious rows and lose £25,000

  • Writer Liz Fraser wrote Coming Clean: a True Story of Love, Addiction and Recovery about living with her ex partner while he battled alcoholism   
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An author and broadcaster who wrote a best-selling book about how her ex partner’s alcoholism destroyed her ‘beautiful family’ has revealed she’s found love again.  

Liz Fraser, who lives in London, documented in her 2021 memoir Coming Clean: a True Story of Love, Addiction and Recovery how her former partner’s addiction had ‘completely broken’ her life leaving her with ‘severe PTSD’.

This week, Fraser, who’s an ambassador for Domestic Violence UK, revealed that’s she’s ‘happy’ after falling in love again. 

She told her 21,300 followers on X that after being single for two years following her split from the man she references in the book as Mike, she has a new partner. 

Sharing a touching image of two coats hanging up next to each other in a hallway, the broadcaster posted: ‘After 2 years on my own, solo parenting and making my recovery from abuse… I am now in a lovely relationship.’

She added: ‘I like this person very very much. And I feel SAFE with him. I’m happy.’

Broadcaster Liz Fraser pictured in a recent photograph on her Instagram account; the author, who wrote a 2021 memoir about her chaotic life with her alcoholic ex, known as Mike, told her 21,300 followers on X this week that she’s found happiness again with a new partner

In her memoir, Fraser wrote how ‘at the height of his addiction, Mike was so saturated by alcohol and anxiety he was barely able to think or function normally’. 

She explained: ‘We argued whenever we saw each other and the rows were sharp, vicious and worse every time; I was called a b***h, a t**t, a saggy old wench and some words I don’t even know but it’s fair to say they were not entirely complimentary Fife-isms.  

‘Objects were often thrown and kicked. I was told he hated me and ordered to move out of his way or he’d hit me. 

She estimated at the time that his addiction cost her around £25,000, including both the money that she gave him and the financial costs she had to bear as a result of his drinking. 

Happy: The author shared a simple image of two coats hanging in a hallway, saying she was ‘now in a lovely relationship’

Pictured in unhappier times; with her possessions and her young daughter in Venice as her previous relationship began to unravel 

Fraser pictured in tears in 2021 during a video shared with her followers as she struggled to emerge from the wreckage of life with her former partner. Right: The bestselling book Fraser penned in 2021 

At the height of her trauma, she shared a clip online saying she ‘so damned lonely’ as she marked her daughter’s fourth birthday alone.

She told her followers at the time: ‘I know it’s so stupid to record yourself crying and then share it on social media but I’m kind of on my own out here. 

‘It’s my daughter’s fourth birthday tomorrow and I think especially as mothers, sorry dads, it’s the anniversary of when we gave birth, which is an enormous thing and I had no chance to really recover from that.’

The news this week left many of her fans delighted, with one saying: ‘That’s terrific news. 

‘We all deserve a safe and loving relationship. After what you’ve been through now is the time to feel safe and secure at last.’

Another added: ‘Safe is everything. Pleased for you. I hope it continues to go well.’

Fraser wrote on her Instagram feed after seeing the comments: ‘Steady she goes. But happily. Love to you all’. 

Coming Clean: a True Story of Love, Addiction and Recovery by Liz Fraser is published by Bloomsbury Green Tea, £16.99 

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