Amusing exchanges between tenants and landlords

Lording over! Fed up tenants reveal frustrating text exchanges with landlords including one who asked them not to cook in the kitchen and another who moaned that the rent was 11 pence short

  • Parent Influence has rounded up viral text messages from around the world 
  • Among the images are tenants having awkward conversations with landlords 
  • One landlord admitted to being unaware their property has an outside porch

Whether you’re chasing them to get a problem fixed or they’ve decided to hike up the rent, nobody likes an awkward exchange with their landlord.  

Now Parent Influence has rounded up a selection of text exchanges from around the world that have gone viral on social media – including a landlord who took offence to a tenant starting their messge with ‘hey’. 

Elsewhere, another pulled their tenant up for being 11 pence short on their rent payment, while one claimed that the kitchen is more of space for eating food and not for cooking in.

Here, FEMAIL reveals interactions with some of the world’s strangest landlords and their frustrated tenants… 

Parent Influence has rounded up amusing text exchanges between landlords and their tenants, including one landlord who repeatedly contacted their tenant because of noise complaints 

Who needs manners? A tenant who texted their landlord about problems with their Wi-Fi received a very heated response because they began the message with ‘hey’

One landlord sparked fury after turning their tenant’s complaint about vacuuming late at night into a joke 

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Another viral image shows how a landlord, who lives in the UK, demanded their tenant to send the remaining 11p owed for rent 

No floor plan! A landlord who was messaging a tenant about multiple problems with the property, admitted they were unaware the premises has an outside porch

One tenant demanded that their landlord sweep the grass outside of their house, after being told it takes just two minutes to clear

Another tenant was left baffled after their landlord tried to trick them into sending another cheque to cover the cost of rent

Stay hungry! A landlord who is fed up of steam setting off the alarm in the kitchen, told tenants to use the room only as a dining area 

Another image shows the amusing results of a landlord asking their tenant to prove their hot water has stopped working 

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