Americans reveal their biggest British 'ick'

Americans reveal their biggest British ‘ick’ – from beans to toast to the differences in US and UK spelling

  • TikTokker Angelina PJ asked Americans what they hated about British culture
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Americans have revealed what their biggest British ‘ick’ is – and some of their answers may surprise you.

British TikTok created Angelina, known as @angelina.pj on the platform, made a video asking for people to share what they disliked about the culture on the other side of the Atlantic.

She went to a park, where she asked strangers to share their opinions, which she filmed to share online.

The resulting video, which is captioned ‘asking Americans what their British ick is’, garnered almost 650,000 views.

Among the ‘icks’ shared by people she interviewed, were spelling, haircuts, and that classic British stalwart – beans on toast.

TikTok creator Angelina (pictured) asked Americans to share their British ‘ick’ in a recent video on the platform  

Asking Americans what their British ick is🇬🇧🇺🇸 #britishinamerica #newyorkcity #americans #britishpeople

Angelina opens the video by simply saying: ‘Asking Americans what their British ick.’ 

The clip then cuts to the first interviewee, who reveals their ick is ‘toast and beans,’ saying that the ‘food is so plain’.

For the next person, it’s not an inanimate object they dislike, but an attitude she feels people on this side of the pond have.

She explained: ‘British people, or Europeans generally ,think they’re better than Americans.’

Another interviewee admits that it is a uniquely British hairstyle she dislikes, though she doesn’t describe it in a fashion that makes it identifiable. 

‘It’s like that one hair cut,’ she says. 

‘I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s like really gross, it’s like, giving fascism from like the 1940s vibes.’

The next person asked to share their ick was more to the point, simply stating: ‘The tube is not open 24/7.’

A few people cited beans on toast as their biggest British ‘ick’, despite the dish being iconic when it comes to Brit cuisine

British food is an issue for another America, who cites ‘lack of seasoning on the food’, saying that it ‘just looks so unappetising’.

In a similar vein, another cites a food-related ick, but their dislike is specific to a particular dish, which is beans on toast, ‘just because it’s sweet’.

Another agreed, saying: ‘I say the food, mostly the beans on toast, but yeah, all the food that I had [in the UK] is terrible.’

And in a non-food related answer, one responds with spelling, saying she doesn’t understand why people get worked up about different spellings like the British ‘colour’ versus the US ‘color.

‘Like, who cares?’ she asks. 

People in the comments section did not take too kindly to the criticisms of beans on toast, and hit back with their own harsh words

Unsurprisingly, Brits in the comments section did not take too kindly to the comments about beans on toast.

One wrote: ‘The beans on toast slander!!!!’

Another agreed, writing: ‘Hating on beans on toast but their cheese comes in a squirty tube.’    

And another, in a tongue-in-cheek comment, gently mocked the overuse of the word ‘like’ by some of the Americans in their responses.

The wrote: ‘So, like, you don’t like our beans on like toast?’ 

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