Aldi is selling a glitter globe bottle of gin and it costs less than M&S' sell-out one

ALDI has launched its own cheaper version of Marks & Spencer’s sell-out glitter globe gin liqueur.

Both bottles of booze contain 23-carat edible gold leaf, but the Aldi version costs £2 less compared to M&S’ from last year.

The discounter has flavoured its £12.99 gin with elderflower and peach, which appears to be a nod to the £15 elderflower flavour M&S released in 2020.

This flavour sadly isn't available anymore, but the posh supermarket has just released a new cherry blossom glitter gin globe for a pricier £17.

This different flavour is around £4 more expensive than the Aldi version.

Both M&S and Aldi flavours are sold in 70cl bottles and the alcohol content is the same for each supermarket, coming in at 20% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Gin liqueurs aren’t as strong as regular full-bodied gin, which has a typical ABV of around 37.5%.

The Aldi version will be available in stores and online from April 22, as part of the supermarket's Specialbuys range.

Like with all Specialbuys, the bottles of booze are a limited edition item and won't be restocked once they're sold out.

Or if you're an M&S shopper, the cherry blossom gin liqueur is available now in stores and on the Ocado website.

A spokesperson from M&S told The Sun its flavour is also limited edition but they haven't confirmed an end date yet.

For a cheaper alternative, Aldi is still selling its shimmery summer trifle gin online for £6.99. This flavour was originally released in 2020.

Or if you're not fussed about the sparkle, Asda has a cherry blossom gin liqueur for £8.

As always, be DrinkAware when you're buying any booze and drink responsibly.

In more gin news, Sipsmith has just launched a new Strawberry Smash flavour made with last year’s unused Wimbledon strawberries.

The world’s strongest gin was released last year – with a hair-raising 95% ABV.

Meanwhile, Rosé Prosecco has launched in the UK and you can buy it in M&S.

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