10 signs you’re getting ‘old’ – from skinny jeans to using cry laughing emojis

It’s finally happened. Millennials aren’t seen as young and cool anymore as Gen Z begins to reach its early 20s.

Teens and under 25s are adamant they can tell if someone is “old” or not.

Apparently, wearing skinny jeans, using cry laughing emojis and wearing your hair in a side parting is a big no-no.

Memes have been going rife on TikTok and Twitter – with one describing the “anatomy of an old person”.

It reads: “Ageing millennials are characterised by their love of things like side parts, skinny jeans, wine and the ‘laughing cry’ emoji.

“Many millennials, like this one, are in a state of discomfort regarding their proximity to middle age.”

Feeling as attacked as I do right now?

You might want to look away as here are more things Gen Z say are deeply uncool and only done by “old” people:

  1. Wearing your hair in a side parting
  2. Rocking skinny jeans
  3. Drinking lots of wine/coffee
  4. Using cry laughing emojis
  5. Anyone who talks about their Hogwarts house
  6. Using the phrase #girlboss on social media
  7. Liking rose gold items
  8. Using the words “doggo” or “adulting”
  9. Taking selfies from a high Myspace angle
  10. Saying “so I did a thing” or “some personal news” when announcing an accomplishment

Don’t believe us?

One Twitter user said: “Millennials love saying ‘so I did a thing’.

“Girl go re-read Harry Potter and shut up.”

Another wrote: “Why do Millennials love to be like ‘adulting’??? Like yeah you’re pushing 30 I’d hope you’re adulting.”

A third commented: “Gonna go as a Millennial for Halloween. Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.”

A fourth joked: “Millennials are so cute they’re like obsessed with rose gold and like WHERE’S MY WINE.”

And another added: “Millennials need to stop talking about how adulting is so hard and they just wanna boop a sad lil pupper’s nose.

“Like please you’re middle aged now stop projecting on Harry Potter and Disney characters and go project your trauma on your kids.”

BRB, going to check for grey hairs in the mirror.

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