White vinegar can kill paving moss without scrubbing

Gardening tips: How to remove moss on drives and patios

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Moss is favoured by wet, poorly drained, compacted or shady conditions, according to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). While the majority of species of moss are endangered, letting it grow on hard surfaces can be a slip hazard, so it is best to get rid of it as soon as possible. With spring arriving in the UK, Mrs Hinch fans have shared their best tips to get rid of moss without scrubbing or using a pressure washer.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Manda Jayne wrote: “Any advice would be greatly received.

“Can anyone suggest what I can use to get rid of the green moss and gunge on the floor from our paving blocks in the garden?

“Please bear in mind that we do have a small dog who likes to explore, so no harsh chemicals. Also, we don’t own a pressure washer or know anyone with one. Thank you in advance.”

The post attracted more than 40 comments from users who recommended a variety of hacks, including white vinegar.

Sue Wilding commented: “Dilute white vinegar with water, about one part vinegar and 10 parts water. Let it sit on the patio for a while and it should melt away with a brush, no scrubbing needed.”

Pat Barker also recommended white vinegar, which she said would “kill moss” on any hard surface, as long as it didn’t touch plants nearby.

When poured onto the moss, the acetic acid present will kill any moss present within a matter of minutes.

White vinegar can be picked up from a variety of retailers, including Wilko for £1.50 and Ocado for £2.

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One bottle of the household essential from Wilko should last for at least five patio cleans, depending on how big the space is.

This equates to as little as 30p per use, creating an affordable cleaning solution, which can also be used to clean decking.

Other group members recommended using boiling water, advising the group member to make sure her dog is far away at the time of cleaning.

Mandi Marsh said: “Boiling water and a sweeping brush.” Talia Louise added: “This is what I do, it’s great because I have a dog and need to be careful to keep chemicals away from him.”

While bleach was recommended in the comments, others advised against using cheap bleach as it could cause harm to the dog as well as leave marks on the patio.

Stephanie Bennett wrote: “I use bleach on mine and allow the rain to work its magic but you have a dog so please avoid this.

“Even if you are extra careful and sweep it all away, some particles could remain which could be dangerous towards your dog.”

Another user, John Ryan also recommended a cheap washing powder, leaving it for at least a few hours to work.

Fiona Baitman said: “I buy Asda own washing powder for jobs like this, even works on weeds too. Sprinkle it over and watch the magic happen.”

Supermarket own brands of washing powder can be picked up for as little as £2 and can work to kill moss as well as algae.

Washing powder helps to break down the cell walls of moss, causing the plant to dehydrate and die.

According to Ben Hilton, gardening expert at The Yard and Garden, washing powder is effective on moss, but only in moderation and only targeting the moss.

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