Where to find a Murano mushroom lamp, and how to style it

Been eyeing up the Murano glass mushroom lamps all over Instagram? Us too. Here are our tips on where to get one and tips on how to style it.

If there’s one trend sweeping Instagram right now it’s Murano glass mushroom lamps. Chic personified, they’ve been spotted in the homes of all our favourite interior influencers, making them the lighting choice du jour. 

Easily recognisable, these lamps can come in big or small sizes but always with a stout, slightly curved base and attached mushroom-like glass shade. When it comes to popular colourways, there’s an argument for both kitschy pink or green as well as calming cream or tan. Thanks to their delicate glass form they give off a beautiful, warming glow which cosies up a room instantly. 

While a mushroom shape can be achieved using any type of glass, the lamps with a higher price tag and biggest following are those crafted specifically from Murano glass which only comes from theisland of Murano in Venice.

Murano has long been known for its glass-making traditions, with a history dating back to the 1200s when glass makers created a community there. Murano glass is created with a special mouth-blown technique and involves many stages when other fibres can mixed into the glass to add colours and patterns.

As these lamps reached the height of their popularity in the 60s, it can be tricky to get your hands on one today. There is hope, though. Vintage homeware stores and online marketplaces like Etsy and Vinterior are regularly updated with new Murano mushroom lamps, some of which we’ve picked out for you below as well as tips on how to style them. 

How to style a Murano glass mushroom lamp

  • Kitsch, kitsch and more kitsch

    In the last few months we’ve seen an explosion of kitsch decor appreciation posts across Instagram. 

    As vintage home accounts continue to pop-up, the trend for twee, pastel-hued glassware and ceramics is taking hold.

    The best way to display this trend is to go maximalist with a ‘more is more’ attitude. That means taking all of your pinkest, frothiest and most vintage-looking items and arranging them together like the example above. 

    If a pretty pink Murano mushroom lamp is what you’re after, this is the perfect way to show it off once it’s home.

  • Keep it minimalist

    While mushroom lamps can’t help but exude a slight cuteness, they look great when used in a minimalist set-up. 

    Opt for a neutral tone like beige, cream or black, and stand alone on a coffee table or shelf, completely uncluttered.  

    Not only will guests be able to marvel at the beauty of your lamp without being distracted by other trinkets, the polished glass finish and clean, curved shape really stands out in an un-fussy setting. 

  • Colour blocking

    Colour blocking is key when it comes to styling your mushroom lamp and, as the example above shows, it’s a look which looks great in any colour – even a toned-down one. 

    We love the mix of cream and ecru tones here, but you can make the same aesthetic work using any shade. The trick is to create texture and layers with a mix of objects.

    We would recommend incorporating a small stack of books to create some height, a lit candle for a glow and flowers to breathe life into the picture.

  • Match with your clothes

    Now, this one is just for fun – but how lovely does Michelle look sporting her jumper-lamp combo?

    Although your mushroom lamp will most likely live on a table and not in your arms, we can’t help but notice that a lot of lucky lamp owners love holding them up to get ‘the shot’.

    And hey, if you can’t beat them, join them, right? This seems to us to be the way to announce to the world you’ve bagged one for yourself when you eventually do.

  • Give it a platform

    Why not use your new purchase as the opportunity to bring two interior trends together by investing in a mini coffee table, too. 

    Positioning your Murano lamp on its very own table not only gives it the spotlight, but adds an off-beat exhibition aesthetic to the room, too. 

    The Rubik’s Cube-style table in the example above is effortlessly cool, but slim, tall rattan tables would work well also.

Where can I buy a Murano glass mushroom lamp?

  • Millefiori Interior

    Millefiori Interior

    Vintage homeware website Millefiori Interior is one to watch as it specialises in mushroom lamps. Currently there’s a selection that you can view on the website, but to order you’ll need to switch over to the brand’s Instagram account and direct message your enquiry.

    This beauty features yellow mouth-blown glass and is listed as being ‘new condition’. 

    Shop mushroom table lamp at Millefiori Interior, £410

    Buy now

  • The Golden Boheme

    The Golden Boheme

    The Gold Boheme is founded by UK-based Australian Emma Kalotas, and she has an eye for vintage trinkets in dreamy colour palettes. 

    On her Etsy store you’ll find a whole host of covetable home accessories, but among the mix is a fair few mushroom lamps.

    This one is handmade from Murano glass and features swirling lines of pink and grey on a creamy, translucent base.

    Shop rare white pink Murano lamp at The Golden Boheme, £312

    Buy now

  • Etsy

    Olivia Lova Shop

    Online marketplace Etsy is a generally great place to look out for mushroom lamps, just type in the colour or style that you want in the search bar and a selection will appear. 

    This pretty pink number is from Olivia Lova Shop isn’t actually made from Murano glass (which is why it’s a little cheaper), and instead has been made in Europe using semi-transparent pastel pink opal glass.

    Shop pastel pink mini mushroom lamp at Olivia Lova Shop at Etsy, £139.43

    Buy now

  • Urban Outtfitters

    Urban Outfitters

    If you’d love to try the mushroom lamp trend but are working with a tighter budget, Urban Outfitters has got your back.

    This mini glass table lamp nods to the trend and emits the same sort of glow, crafted from gold-hued glass.

    Shop mini glass table lamp at Urban Outfitters, £39

    Buy now

Images: Lauren Crowe / courtesy of brands / Instagram

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