These eight lawn maintenance tips will make your grass look amazing

Taking care of your lawn this autumn can make all the difference come spring. Experts say it’s the ideal time to look for and prevent common lawn problems including patches in grass.

While it’s not necessary to treat every problem right now, you can prepare the ground for lawn repairs later. Keen gardeners to Reddit to discuss how they care for their lawns in the autumn. 

One Reddit user shared their eight steps to ‘renovate’ your lawn this autumn to prepare for winter and spring.

Eight tips to take care of your lawn this autumn

1. Kill weeds

They advised using a liquid weed killer to destroy weeds before mowing and seeing. 

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2. Mow your lawn

Now is one of the last times of year gardeners can give their grass a good mow. The best time to stop mowing your lawn before winter is between late September and late October.

3. Aerate your lawn

While time-consuming, aeration has a wide array of benefits. Doing so will enhance the colour and lushness of your grass because the roots will better absorb nutrients from fertilisers.

It will prevent moss, weeds, and other diseases, as well as improve drainage and prevent puddling. Experts say for smaller to medium-sized areas, use piking, slitting or coring methods by using a garden fork to spike the surface 30mm.

Once inserted, move the fork back and forth then pull out to create cracks in the soil and allow for airflow. 

4. Lime your lawn

Apply lime, which comes from limestone, to neutralise the acid of the soil.

5. Apply lawn compost

Apply a good lawn compost, also known as “topdressing”. The feeds the lawn and helps protect it. You’ll need a compost with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to benefit your lawn.

6. Seed your lawn

Seeding your lawn in early autumn will help make it thick and green come spring. September is touted as the best month to make your move. As the days get short in autumn, the grass starts to enter a dormant period and birds migrate, making it an optimal time to plant your seeds. 

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7. Fertilize your lawn

Your plants will greatly benefit from a well-timed layer of fertiliser in the autumn similar to seeding. After prolonged heat during the summer months, your lawn is in desperate need of some TLC to recover. Experts recommend doing your research to find the best match for your geography. 

Aim for a high nitrogen fertiliser, ideally with sulfate of potash.

8. Water your lawn

Give your grass a good water to give those seeds a chance. The Reddit user recommends: “Water, water, water, water, water. Every day. In the evening. At least an hour per area where you seeded.”

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