The hottest houseplant to buy this season (and how to care for it)

Written by Ellis Cochrane

Flamingo flowers – known as anthuriums to green-fingered friends– are set to be the hot new houseplant to own this autumn. 

As we spend more time indoors during the chillier weather, our homes often become our sanctuaries. And bringing nature indoors, particularly on days when it’s far too cold or blustery to even consider stepping outdoors, can not only have a positive impact on our wellbeing but it can also add some personality to a room.

When you think of the plants you typically bring into your home during autumn and winter, something like a poinsettia may spring to mind, especially in the weeks and months running up to the festive period. But many poinsettias don’t make it past the new year (despite our best attempts), which is why we’re excited to reveal what the experts predict will be the hottest houseplant of autumn/winter 2022: the anthurium.

Google searches for anthuriums are through the roof, and Stylist got the scoop from Dobbies Garden Centres that they’re predicting a huge boom in anthurium sales for autumn/winter 2022. Senior houseplant buyer, Claire Bishop said: “The eye-catching anthurium is one of our most loved houseplants and is set to be a huge trend for autumn and winter thanks to its gorgeous tropical leaves and ability to grow in shady spots. Sometimes known as the flamingo flower, this hardy plant will thrive in a humid environment, making it great for bathrooms. However, unlike most exotic plants, the anthurium does not require a lot of sunlight, meaning it’s a great choice for those looking to add a touch of vibrancy into their interiors as we approach the darker months.

“These striking plants will survive for years if cared for properly, with their flowers lasting between two and three months at a time. This makes them perfect for autumn as they will continue to bloom right up until the festive period and will make for a wonderful addition to your Christmas décor by adding a pop of life and complementing colour to the festivities. Plus, thanks to their longevity, anthuriums are great value, and a fantastic modern alternative to poinsettias at Christmas.”

Not only will investing in an anthurium add a spring in your green-fingered step and a dash of colour to your windowsill (they come in red, pink, purple and vanilla), but this year’s hottest houseplant is also one of the easiest to care for during the colder months.

You only need to water an anthurium once a week

Matt Lindsay, plant expert at Growing Revolution, spoke to Stylist about how to care for these on-trend stems. 

The right conditions

Because it thrives in warm homes and with only occasional light, an anthurium is perfect for those gloomier autumn/winter days that we’ll no doubt be experiencing very soon, where we have the heating and perhaps a lamp on.

You also only typically need to water this particular houseplant once a week. Additionally, its waxy, heart-shaped petals require almost no maintenance, and it flowers without any fuss throughout the year.

Give it space

“Anthurium plants tend to be territorial and like to spread their roots in the soil,” says Matt. “To ensure your plant has the best chance of surviving, give it plenty of space.”

They also naturally fill out their surroundings, which in turn will add plenty of texture and interest to your space.

Give it some support

Because anthuriums are epiphytic – they like to grow on other plants – you may need to use a small pole or trellis to help support them as they grow.

This can be a quick and easy solution for any drooping stems or leaves and will give it the foundation from which to sprout its impressive colours.

Allow it to improve air quality

“An anthurium loves humidity, so will thrive during the months where heat is being retained in the home and it will also improve air quality,” Matt suggests.

The living room can be the ideal place to house your anthurium as there is usually a good balance of natural light and shade. However, you will want to avoid placing your plant too close to any hot radiators or any particularly draughty areas of your home in order to keep it happy.

A great gift idea

Because they are so easy to care for, anthuriums also make great gifts. So if you’re not sure what to get your in-laws, a tricky-to-buy-for family member or friend or even your neighbour this Christmas, why not give them something that will last for months or even years to come.

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