Stains on your patio? Here’s how to get rid of them in three easy steps

Concrete slabs can be used to create everything from a sleek driveway to a garden patio, but they can be hard to keep free from spills and stains. Oil, grass, varnish and paint can all seem impossible to clean up using just a hose and a brush, so what exactly can you do to get rid of them for good? These are the three best ways to banish stubborn stains from your patio.

How to clean a stained patio

There’s nothing better than a flawless patio, especially in the summer when your garden is basking in the sun.

While a quick wash with a hose or pressure washer will remove surface dirt and grime, tough stains require a deeper treatment.

Whether you’re dealing with oil, furniture varnish or even a spilt glass of red wine on your patio, there are plenty of easy ways to banish unsightly marks for good.

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Use a degreaser for oil stains

Using a degreaser is the most effective way to remove oil stains from concrete slabs, and it takes just a few minutes.

For fresh spills, use a clean cloth to soak up the wet oil by laying it over the oil stain before applying the degreaser.

Set stains can be cleaned right away. Just apply a generous amount of degreaser product and leave it to sit for 10 minutes.

This should soak up the oil stain and remove it from the surface.

Next, use a hot water pressure washer or a bowl of hot water to clean off the degreaser and the stain.

It is crucial that you use hot water, as it is significantly better to break down the oil than cold liquids.

Leave the area to dry completely to reveal a stain-free surface.

While most degreasing products will work well for oily stains, WD-40 is one of the most effective solutions available to buy in most hardware stores.

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Create an all-purpose baking soda paste

Baking soda is loved for household cleaning, and it works just as well outdoors too.

Simply mix one cup of baking soda with enough water to form a thick, gloopy paste.

Apply the white powdery solution directly to the surface stain and leave it to sit for five minutes.

Use hot water and a hard bristle brush to scrub the area and lift the stain.

Rinse with clean water and leave the patio slab to dry completely to ensure the stain is gone.

Repeat as necessary for darker, set stains.

Use bleach for dark stains

Lightly coloured patio slabs will respond particularly well to this deep treatment, though you should always wear gloves while handling bleach.

To banish dark stains, mix 10 parts bleach with one part warm water for a concentrated liquid solution.

Use a clean toothbrush or hard-bristle polishing brush to work the liquid into the stain and lift the deep-rooted residue.

You should see the stain visibly fade away in a matter of minutes as the bleach gets to work.

White vinegar can be used as a bleach substitute for a chemical-free clean.

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