‘Nature’s miracle cure’ thoroughly cleans decking, according to expert

As the weather warms up and with reports of a heatwave expected later this month and into June, now is the perfect time to prepare outdoor decking ready for the summer months.

After a cold, wet start to spring, many people’s decking may be looking a little worse for wear due to moss, algae and dirt.

With more people turning to Google for advice on how to clean their decking, garden expert Arran Driscoll at Fitrite has shared his advice on how to give decking a “thorough cleaning”.

Prepare the area

Arran said before having a barbecue this year, homeowners should give decking a “thorough clean”.

Removing any debris like dry leaves or winter mould will reduce the risk of anything flammable being near the BBQ.

Pressure wash the deck

Arran said: “There are some great power washers and commercial cleaners on the market, and these can be used very easily to quickly clean most kinds of decking.

“But, if you don’t have that luxury, then you can just use a garden hose in the first instance to remove obvious debris.”

Cleaning products

The garden expert said homeowners are likely to have something in the “cupboard” that will “work a treat” on outside decking.

However, there are certain products that should be avoided as they can damage the decking over time.

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Arran suggested avoiding any harsh cleaners that contain chlorine bleach, as this can damage the surface of the decking and cause it to rot over time.

Alternatively, homeowners should use laundry powder mixed with warm water to scrub the deck using either a sponge or a mop.

The expert continued: “Failing that, vinegar is one of nature’s miracle cures, and not only will it clean your decking, but it will keep any unwanted ants and bugs away too.

“Grab a bucket of warm water and add one cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of washing-up liquid.

“Sprinkle the deck liberally with baking soda and then clean with the solution before rinsing. The good news is that vinegar is safe for all kinds of decking, including wood.”

Prepare for heat

Once the decking is clean, it’s important homeowners follow safety precautions before a BBQ.

Lightly spray the decking with a hose to wet the area to neutralise any sparks that come from the grill when it’s in use.

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