Mum’s vital method for dahlias to prevent them snapping – ‘the biggest lesson I learned’

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Staking dahlias, or “tying them in”, means tying the plants to canes to give them support as they grow in the garden. Dahlias flower in the middle of summer, producing their famously large and lush flowers. However, the weight of these flowers can cause problems for them.

Without staking or tying in the dahlias, the plants could break.

A gardening influencer who inspired followers yearly with her incredible dahlias.

She found staking her dahlias to be essential, especially in her garden borders.

She said: “So last year was my first year growing a whole dahlia border. The biggest lesson I learned was that I needed to improve my plant supports/staking.”

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She explained how she did it, explaining she “ordered 40 steel coated plant stakes from Amazon.”

The expert went on: “They were 150cm tall and cost me £36.99. I can’t see that they have any stock of this size left but I think 120cm would be good too.”

She added bamboo canes she already had to add extra support and then utilised a ball of string.

With the materials, it’s time to start staking your borders.

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How to stake dahlias in a border

  1. Push three or four stakes into the ground around the plant you would like to support.
  2. Use your twine and wind it around the stakes, holding them in place.
  3. Cross and weave the twine around.
  4. Then, as the dahlias grow, tie their stems to the web of twine to hold them in place and support them.

Why do you need to stake dahlias?

Dahlias are beautiful but fragile plants. The joints in their stems are very brittle, meaning they can easily snap in the wind, or just under the weight of the large flowers they grow.

The taller the dahlia and the heavier the flower the more support they will need.

Any dahlia above 70cm tall will need support without a doubt.

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Most popular dahlia varieties

  • Café Au Lait Dahlia – huge dinner plate-size plants with a light creamy pink colour and beige hues
  • Labyrinth Dahlia – a large plate with various pink gues – including coral and magenta
  • Arabian Night Dahlia – a deep red flower with double petals
  • Rothesay Reveller Dahlia – large flowers with deep pink petals tipped with stunning white
  • Black Narcissus Dahlia – a deep red flower with curled petals mimicking spikes

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