Lawn expert shares important job to avoid ‘fungal diseases’ this winter

David Domoney urges gardeners to clear leaves from their lawns

Even with winter just around the corner, Timothy Greene from iCANLAWN has said there are still small jobs to be doing outside.

This includes getting rid of the piles of leaves which will be covering lawns across the country.

The expert said: “Many trees have now shed their leaves and left a blanket across gardens. While the autumnal colours look nice, when the leaves get wet this is bad news for grass.

“This is because once the rain soaks into the leaves they add an extra layer of moisture to the lawn. The water can then saturate the grass underneath, preventing oxygen from getting to it and damaging its growth.

“It can even mean fungal diseases begin to form. Ideally, you want to give your grass plenty of room to breathe, and that means keeping it clear of leaves, moss and debris.

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“To combat this issue it’s a good idea to rake the lawn regularly to clear away any leaves and debris – just don’t do it while the grass is soaking wet.

“Spring seems far away at the moment but small jobs such as clearing leaves and debris can make a major impact once the colder months disappear and we look forward to new growth.”

Gardeners should also keep on top of regular raking, giving the garden tidy-ups until trees have shed all their leaves.

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The lawn expert also said to avoid raking the lawn while it’s soaking wet as this could damage the grass.

The pro added: “The rake is also likely to get stuck in the soggy soil, which will damage it.

“Instead, wait until it’s dry underfoot and you can clear away anything that’s covering your grass.

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“Fallen leaves can have other uses in the garden, making the job even more rewarding.

“They can be used as mulch around trees and other garden plants or you can brush them to the side in a border so wildlife can use them for seeking refuge over winter.”

Mulches have several benefits and can help to retain moisture in summer, and rain to generate the soil in winter as well as prevent weeds from growing.

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