Hydrangeas will ‘bloom profusely’ and look ‘beautiful’ with kitchen scrap item

Hydrangeas are fast growers if they receive the proper care and attention from gardeners, and while it is impossible to make hydrangeas instantly fill an area, gardeners can help them along the way by providing them with ideal growing conditions. 

One way in which this can be done is to fertilise these plants, and adding fertiliser to hydrangeas can help them grow faster. 

While there are fertilisers designed explicitly for hydrangeas, households can use alternative that is free, and one woman shared her results after using coffee grounds on her hydrangeas on the Gardening UK Facebook page. 

Posting a picture of her hydrangeas in full bloom in a bright vivid blue shade, Sandra Mears wrote: “Planted this hydrangea a couple of weeks ago when it was only a wee twig. 

Look at her blooming profusely now! I’ve been adding coffee grounds every other day and I think it’s really brought out the blooms and colour.”

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Coffee grounds are one way to create soil that produces slightly more unusually coloured blooms.

When added to the soil, coffee grounds will create a more acidic pH which will help flowers to produce blue blooms instead of pink or white.

But bear in mind that for those who use coffee to change the acidity of their soil, it’s something they’ll have to do regularly. 

All hydrangea blooms will respond to increased acidity in the soil but gardeners need to make sure that they use it regularly and that the soil is still fertile and moist.

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Taking to the comments section, group members were in awe of how “stunning” the plant looked.

Debbie Smith said: “They look absolutely stunning! I have been putting coffee grinds on mine, they’re normally pinky/purple but after getting the bean-to-cup machine and the amount of coffee I drink, they’re giant monster blue/purple ones! Roses love the coffee too.”

Hellen Wills replied: “I put my used coffee grounds in the soil around my hydrangeas daily, never in the bin. It also helps to keep pesky slugs away so they don’t destroy my plants.”

Carly Widerstreit commented: “Absolutely love this, it’s beautiful, thanks for sharing, need to get coffee grounds now.”

One enthusiast claimed that coffee grounds can be picked up for “free” at cafes. Sarah Hamilton said: “You can usually pick up bags of waste ground coffee from cafes. My local Morrison’s leaves them out and you can take a bag for free.”

To use coffee grounds on hydrangeas start by adding the grounds to the soil in autumn. Sprinkle them around the hydrangeas and work them into the dirt. Reapply the grounds as you would apply any fertiliser, two or three times a year is all that’s needed.

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