Food item ‘irritates’ snails and stops them attacking plants, says garden expert

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Robert Collins at, the UK’s leading trades matching site, has shared his advice for getting rid of snails exclusively with

The gardening expert said there are many methods for getting rid of snails but there are also ways to deter them from entering gardens in the first place.

Create barriers

One of the best ways to keep snails out of gardens is by putting barriers down at their entry points.

Robert explained: “You can use physical barriers such as copper tape or you can use chemical barriers such as diatomaceous earth.

“This will prevent the snails from entering your garden at any entry points.”

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Create a snail-repelling environment

Another way to get rid of snails is to create an environment that isn’t appealing to them.

For example, gardeners can remove all hiding places such as rocks, bricks, and logs.

Sharp objects such as sand and crushed eggshells can also be used to deter snails. Eggs can be found in most homes and using their shells is a free way to not only deter snails but add nutrients to the soil.

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Robert added: “These will irritate the soft bodies of the snails, causing them to avoid the area and seek food somewhere else.”

Use natural repellents

There are several natural predators that can help keep snails away such as frogs and birds.

Gardeners can encourage these predators to come to gardens to remove the snails. Other animals such as chickens and ducks can also eat snails to help control the snail infestation.

Use traps

Robert said: “You can also use traps to catch the snails and remove them from your garden.

“Beer makes excellent bait for snails. Similar to slugs, you can create a snail trap by placing half a container buried next to your plants.

“Fill this container with beer to attract the snails. The snails will fall into the trap and won’t be able to escape.”

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