‘Essential treatment’ to keep your lawn ‘healthy’ – ‘protects against mowing frequently’

Garden tips: How to maintain your lawn

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Lawns need extra care during the summer months including mowing and feeding regularly. In preparation for the summer season, many are faced with re-occurring lawn problems such as weeds, pests, and lawn disease. To overcome these problems, Checkatrade has shared several tips and tricks on how to achieve a Wimbledon worthy lawn through certain treatments.

Unfortunately, lawn issues are not rare and many homeowners struggle to salvage a usable lawn despite regular mowing.

These issues include: moss weeds, pests and dry patches.

To combat these issues gardening pros at Checkatrade insisted gardeners use fertiliser around once to twice a year.

They said: “[Fertiliser] is an essential treatment to keep your lawn healthy and give it protection against mowing frequently. 

“It involves using chemicals that plants absorb and use to grow.

“Common types of fertiliser are phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and phosphate and these should be applied at least once or twice a year depending on how often you use your lawn.”

They noted that the cost of lawn fertiliser is £25 per quarter.

Most lawns will grow fairly well in the UK without needing the application of a lawn fertiliser. 

However, gardeners who want to improve the general health and appearance of their lawn, using a fertiliser can be a good way to ensure grass gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, green and lush. 

Proper use of lawn fertiliser can keep your lawn in good condition and will encourage strong, dense grass growth. 

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Not only does lawn fertiliser improve the appearance of your lawn but it can also help your turf to recover from wear and tear and the effects of any harsh weather conditions. 

The experts explained that seasonal treatments are also key to achieve healthy lawns.

They said: “Throughout the year your lawn is going through stages of growth and repair. 

“As such, grass will require different types of treatments depending on the season.”

In early summer treatment should focus on ensuring your lawn has all the things it needs to grow lusciously thick and verdant throughout the season.

The gardening pros also noted that soil conditioning is a great way to improve lawns.

They explained: “This is a process that works to increase the amount of water and nutrients in your soil making it easier for your lawn roots to absorb what they need.”

Soil conditioning is the process of improving poor soil to promote the growth of healthy plants. 

Soil is mostly made up of clay, sand, and silt. The percentage of these and other components will affect the soil texture, which determines its water holding capacity and aeration levels.

The process of overseeding a lawn can turn out to be very beneficial both for the appearance and the health of the garden.

The gardening enthusiasts explained that overseeding “ensures your lawn stays full and vibrant” for longer.

Overseeding is a simple process of adding seeds to the lawn to improve its quality and appearance.

It is generally opted to improve the look of a garden that has developed patches of empty or browned spaces and to thicken the grass to increase its overall density which resultantly has a positive effect on its appearance.

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